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Some of the spring/summer stuff I ordered from

To be completely honest, all of the things that came were a little big for me (as you can probably see in the pictures). Everything I got was in a size medium, which is what I normally wear so I was kind of bummed when the pieces that came didn’t fit me perfectly haha. Because of this, I highly reccomend checking the measurements and exact sizing before ordering ūüėČ I still wear all of these pieces and definitely don’t think they’re toooo bad, the service and shipping from tobi was also amazing,¬†so overall, I can definitely reccomend it. Here’s what I got!

“Long Way Off Black and White Tee”

striped top

Down Time in Moresby


Touching Down in Port Moresby somehow felt like coming home… Even though it was only my second time in the country.

While I was in Papua New Guinea during my spring break, I spent half of my time by the beach, and half of it in the capital, Port Moresby. No joke in saying that I could live there and am definitely made for the tropics. 

Reunited in Sweden // Photo Gallery



Lule√•, Sweden was the last travel stop of my summer and I had the most¬†amazing time. Me and my best friend since seventh grade reunited and it was like we never separated. We had so much fun and are already planning next years ‘meet up’ haha.

We swam in the cold lake right outside of her house, even though it was 12 degrees and cloudy outside (10/10 summer) lay topless in sauna’s, went kayaking and canoeing, cuddled with the dog, cooked, baked, ate… a lot, went bowling, went shopping, and so much more… We also finished all of the Saw movies, which I would definitely reccomend to everyone with a strong stomach because they’re surprisingly actually so good hahah

Here’s my week of amazing memories in some pictures. Enjoy!

Italy 5: Cinque Terre

Photography, Travel

Our last and my favorite stop on this trip was the town of Monterosso in Cinque Terre, Italy. The beach-town vibe of this place, the houses in the hills and the clear blue ocean water was just what I needed to finish my summer break and I had such an amazing time.

We drove through Pisa on our way from Florence to Monterosso, and decided to stop at¬†the leaning tower, pretty much just to take a picture and to see it lol (offered to help like 5 people attempting to make the tower look like it was leaning on them). It wasn’t that great to be honest… glad I saw it though haha.

Sweden Video


Hey guys! So as I’ve said previously, I got back from Sweden, visiting one of my best friends around two weeks ago, while I was there I obviously took tons of pictures and even made a video. Before I post all of the pictures I took I’m going to show this¬†first. Enjoy!

I had a truly amazing time and I think you can see that in these five minutes. It was seriously so hard to compress all of the footage I had and even more so to try and cram all of the memories we made into just a little video, either way I’m pretty proud of it and am missing summer break like crazy already.


Italy 3: Florence


Okay so I finally fixed most of the problems I was having with my blog and computer and am actually feeling pretty good!… Even though today was my first day of school and I’m already procrastinating. Anyway, here’s my long overdue post from Florence.

Florence was another absolutely amazing city. It actually reminded me a lot of Heidelberg so it felt very home-y hahah. We stayed in Florence for three nights which is actually the longest we spent in one city on that trip. On the first day we walked up this hill to see the whole view of the city, got ice cream and visited all of the other touristy sites like the Duomo, statues, and so on.

Italy 2: Venice


Words cannot express how beautiful this city is. That sounds so cheesy and exaggerated but it’s true. Venice looks like it was taken¬†straight out of a picture book or painting and is just so classic, unique and old and modern at the same time… The pictures are actually pretty reflective of all of this, so I’ll let you see for your self. Nothing is quite like witnessing it irl though so even these pictures (even though I’m quite proud of them lol) don’t quite do the city justice.

Travelling Alone 101


I traveled alone for the first time when I was around 8 or 9, since then I’ve done it over 20 times, and for only around half of them was I an ‘unaccompanied minor’ which means that you have someone take you around the airport to wherever you have to go and to look after you on the plane and so on. The other half I had gained my parents trust and had to get around by my self. This was always super exiting to me because I’ve always been a very independent person and love feeling responsible and grown up (even now) hahaha. Without bragging I do like to think that I’m quite ¬†a pro at travelling and airports.

…Now contradicting to what I just said about me being responsible and a pro I’m going to give you the back story about how I missed my flight a few weeks ago and now owe my parents 500 euro. Rip.



Hey Guys! This post is pretty insignificant and doesn’t really have a purpose other than to just let you guys know what’s been up, where I’ve been and so on…

So today I¬†pretty much caught up on all of the school work I didn’t do enough of this summer and chilled a bit. I can’t really say that it was a good day because I’ve actually felt quite shitty since lunch time or something… idk the universe is testing me or something hahaha, I just had absolutely no motivation to do anything and wasn’t very productive (I didn’t leave the house once).

The worst part/another reason why I’m writing this post is because about an hour ago when I opened by blog with the intention to write my long overdue Italy posts I realised that all of my photo’s were deleted from my posts and couldn’t be restored. As you can imagine that’s really not something I needed to add on to my bad day and freaking sucked. I really do put a lot of effort into my posts and pictures and¬†actually contemplated deactivating my entire blog for a while hahah. Either way I sucked it up and did my best to re-upload all of the pictures that were deleted… I didn’t manage for all of them though so I also deleted quite a few of my previous posts *cries*. That also explains why some of the posts may look a bit different and slightly worse¬†done… It’s because I had to redo them, I’m sorry. Because of this I’ll also need you guys to bare with me with the rest of my posts (I have a lot planned) because they may take a while.

I’ve also almost used up the free 3 gb of data you’re given on WordPress¬†for free and since I now know you can’t delete photo’s from there without also deleting them from your posts… and I’m too broke to pay for an upgrade (I’m 500 euro in debt but that’s a story for another time) I have no idea what I’m going to do when I use it all up *cries some more*

On a slightly¬†less negative note, I got back from Europe on the 17th (2 days ago) and since then I’ve pretty much just been chilling and preparing for school which starts on the 23rd (god save me please). I’m not jet lagged at all though so that’s good ūüôā


Yesterday I also randomly decided to cut my own hair a lot shorter. So in just one¬†month my hair has gone from my belly button, to just on top of my boobs (which I kept for a¬†week even though I loved it), and now a lot shorter to my shoulders… very daring and slightly stupid because I’m pretty sure I didn’t cut it very evenly hahaha #reckless. I like it though, it’s very different for me because I’ve pretty much always had long hair but it’s something different and change is always good so let’s just see how I like it in a few weeks (not that I can do anything about it then either lol)

Photo on 8-18-16 at 21.06 #2

I’m also starting IB very soon so that’s also pretty¬†scary and I’m not really sure how ready I am hahah. I’m most nervous for Japanese which fucks me over every time tbh :’). My HL’s (Higher Level Subjects) are Art, History and English¬†in case you were wondering.



I still have A LOT of posts coming and probably even a video from my Sweden trip so stay tuned for that…


Italy 1: Bolzano & Lido


Okay so here’s the first part of my road trip through Italy. We started off in Heidelberg and drove through the Austrian alps into a little town right at the border of Italy called Bolzano, it was a really little and cute mountain town which we kind of just used as a stop over to break our journey after the 8 hours we did on our first day. It was beautiful nonetheless though. We also had lunch in Austria right by the mountains and this really beautiful lake.