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Some of the spring/summer stuff I ordered from

To be completely honest, all of the things that came were a little big for me (as you can probably see in the pictures). Everything I got was in a size medium, which is what I normally wear so I was kind of bummed when the pieces that came didn’t fit me perfectly haha. Because of this, I highly reccomend checking the measurements and exact sizing before ordering 😉 I still wear all of these pieces and definitely don’t think they’re toooo bad, the service and shipping from tobi was also amazing, so overall, I can definitely reccomend it. Here’s what I got!

“Long Way Off Black and White Tee”

striped top

9 Reasons to Thrift


Hey! Before I get started with this post I just want to say that yes, I’ve sucked the past month and have been so bad at posting, I’ve just had some type of creative block and was LITERALLY swamped with assignments had didn’t even have time to sleep. Buuut it’s winter break now so that’s no longer an excuse. I’m also in Germany for Christmas at the moment so I’ll be posting lot’s of pictures from here too 🙂

Now back to the point… I love thrift shopping and you should too! There’s honestly countless benefits from it. Here are 9 reasons why YOU should thrift more. Enjoy!

Fall Style Inspiration

Inspiration, Style

So to be honest, fall is actually so far out of reach in Fukuoka at the moment and when it does come it’ll probably actually only last for like 3 weeks before it turns into an absolutely miserable winter at the end of November/beginning of December. Either way I’m kind of excited for it… even though I don’t ever want summer to end and for the cold to come… haha

I’m definitely more of a summer person in general but fall fashion is my absolute favorite so I made these ‘style boards’ of things I want/am inspired by for this fall. I also listed where most of these things can be bought under them so maybe it’ll help some of you out

Enjoy, and Happy Fall if it’s starting to get colder where you are 🙂