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Okay bare with me, this could get a bit preachy…

One month into 2017 and I have learnt so much. This is honestly surprising to me because I came into this year thinking that I was pretty much set on understanding how to deal with things and life and what not. Hahahaha no joke, this past month has been a damn rollercoaster! I partially blame this on midterms and all the stress I’ve been feeling but at the same time, I think that this was the universe or something sending me some type of wake up call.

Two of the things that I was conflicted this month were respect and confidence, or lack thereof rather. I’ll make a separate post about confidence but in this one, I want to focus on respect and how truly, fucking fundamental it is.

Life Lessons to Remember – Things I’ve Learnt 2


Part one here

If you see someone you know, go up and say hi! People really appreciate being remembered, you might make their day!

Life gets so much better the minute you stop worrying about what other people think. You don’t need to impress, or try to be anyone. You do you honey boo boo

A small circle of real friends is 100x better than a large circle of fake ones. Something I had to learn the hard way. Quality over quantity ALWAYS

Wear, do, say, think whatever YOU want. If you’re doing it with confidence and it’s coming from the heart, everything looks and sounds so much better.

I Want To Travel


I want to travel

But I don’t think anyone understands

I want to wander at four in the morning, through the streets of Moscow

I want to wake up on a roof,

In the middle of New Delhi

Stand on a balcony and sip tea, without clothes, on top of Sweden

Roam through a bazaar in Istanbul

Cry because I am free, beneath Germany

Kiss an elder on her cheeks in Czech

Smoke a cigarette while laying in the tub in the Alps

Read a book in a small cafe around Portugal

Swim through the reefs of New Zealand

Wash my hair in a hostel of England

Dance with the laughing people of Africa

Feed sushi to another in Tokyo

I want to make love to you,

Deep within Spain

I want to travel

Fall Inspiration


September, October and November are the best… Clean crisp air, leaves, blankets, halloween, tea, fuzzy socks and so much more, you get the drift. Kinda cringing that I just listed the most basic and stereotypical aspects of fall, but don’t deny it, they’re all true and amazing. Here’s what I’ve loved so far and what’s been inspiring me this season.

Long Weekends and Productivity


Some days you wake up and know that you’re not gonna get a single shit done, and some days you wake up feeling like you can turn water into wine… feel me? hahaha today was one of those days for me. I’m the type of person to leave things to the last minute which isn’t very admirable but hey, if you get it done and do it well does it even matter when you did it? Here’s how I spent my day actually being productive.

Operation Get Shit Together


In the past like two weeks I’ve cried, alone in my room, while doing the dishes, at lunch in school, and in public extra loud and ugly while walking home from school. Sometimes you just feel like the universe is testing you and you feel like nothing’s going right for no reason and you keep questioning what you did to deserve all of this bullshit, then you throw yourself a pity party, don’t smile enough, have a pissy attitude and so much more. Maybe that’s just me lol… But we’ve all been through not-so-nice-things. And it frickin’ sucks but there comes a time where you have to put that all behind you and move on. Here’s my plan…