Home // Heidelberg, Winter 2016

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Hey! As a lot of you probably know, I spent my winter break in at home in Heidelberg, Germany. Only slightly biased ( 😉 ) but it’s the most beautiful city in the world and I love it with all my heart. If you’re ever in Germany, please go check it out, it’s so underrated, and I promise, you won’t regret it. I wasn’t too lucky with the weather this trip, (hence all of the fog) but I’m still so happy with how these pictures turned out. I’ll link some posts of my previous trips there below.

Here are some very long overdue pictures I took while I was there in December, Enjoy! ❤

Christmas with the Barth’s

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Perk of being Eurasian: Celebrating the traditional holidays from both of your cultures. #mixedkidlife

Eid in the summer and Christmas in the winter, and I am DEFINITELY not complaining. I spent Christmas this year with my family in Germany and it was (as usual), filled with presents, good food, family, champaign, smiles, and good conversation. You can read last year’s post here.

So traditionally, I don’t actually really celebrate Christmas. When I’m here, in Heidelberg, however, I go all out. I can confidently say that this year I was part of the Christmas hype and first hand witnessed the stress of Christmas shopping (or in my case creating), decorating the Christmas tree, baking Christmas cookies, and even singing Christmas carols… even though we sounded awful.

Heidelberg 1 : Morning Walks and Summer Barbecues


Oh Europe how I’ve missed you. You know, it’s pretty crazy how much you can appreciate something you didn’t as much before. I live in the most beautiful town in the entire universe it seems to me, and somehow I only realised that this year hahahah. This town is everything to me, it feels like home yet still feels like an adventure every time I come. I see the same people working in stores and bakeries that I saw when I was five, and roll my suitcase into the room in my grandma’s house that I stayed in when I was a chubby little twelve year old here in boarding school to see my old artwork and cheesy decorations she didn’t take down that my cactus has grown a few centimeters. Nothing really changes much here. But as I do, the more and more I learn to love my little city.

Feelin’ Myself

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So, I was going to make a blog post dedicated to Valentines day but since that never really happened because of my crazy work-load and lack of inspiration. I’m uploading this post just a few days after to talk about loving all year round and not just on February 14th. This post is about loving yourself and making yourself feel like a queen/king. Treat your self and enjoy!