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Hey! As a lot of you probably know, I spent my winter break in at home in Heidelberg, Germany. Only slightly biased ( ūüėČ ) but it’s the most beautiful city in the world and I love it with all my heart. If you’re ever in Germany, please go check it out, it’s so underrated, and I promise, you won’t regret it. I wasn’t too lucky with the weather this trip, (hence all of the fog) but I’m still so happy with how these pictures turned out. I’ll link some posts of my previous trips there below.

Here are some very long overdue pictures I took while I was there in December, Enjoy! ‚̧

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Whats in a room? If you still live with your parents (like I do) then your room is the one place YOU have complete control over. It’s where you escape the clatter¬†of the kitchen, sound of the TV and the voices of other people. It’s where you go to chill, unwind, dance around naked and essentially sleep. My point is that it’s yours to do whatever you want in/with it. Might as well make the very best out of it.



Hey Guys! This post is pretty insignificant and doesn’t really have a purpose other than to just let you guys know what’s been up, where I’ve been and so on…

So today I¬†pretty much caught up on all of the school work I didn’t do enough of this summer and chilled a bit. I can’t really say that it was a good day because I’ve actually felt quite shitty since lunch time or something… idk the universe is testing me or something hahaha, I just had absolutely no motivation to do anything and wasn’t very productive (I didn’t leave the house once).

The worst part/another reason why I’m writing this post is because about an hour ago when I opened by blog with the intention to write my long overdue Italy posts I realised that all of my photo’s were deleted from my posts and couldn’t be restored. As you can imagine that’s really not something I needed to add on to my bad day and freaking sucked. I really do put a lot of effort into my posts and pictures and¬†actually contemplated deactivating my entire blog for a while hahah. Either way I sucked it up and did my best to re-upload all of the pictures that were deleted… I didn’t manage for all of them though so I also deleted quite a few of my previous posts *cries*. That also explains why some of the posts may look a bit different and slightly worse¬†done… It’s because I had to redo them, I’m sorry. Because of this I’ll also need you guys to bare with me with the rest of my posts (I have a lot planned) because they may take a while.

I’ve also almost used up the free 3 gb of data you’re given on WordPress¬†for free and since I now know you can’t delete photo’s from there without also deleting them from your posts… and I’m too broke to pay for an upgrade (I’m 500 euro in debt but that’s a story for another time) I have no idea what I’m going to do when I use it all up *cries some more*

On a slightly¬†less negative note, I got back from Europe on the 17th (2 days ago) and since then I’ve pretty much just been chilling and preparing for school which starts on the 23rd (god save me please). I’m not jet lagged at all though so that’s good ūüôā


Yesterday I also randomly decided to cut my own hair a lot shorter. So in just one¬†month my hair has gone from my belly button, to just on top of my boobs (which I kept for a¬†week even though I loved it), and now a lot shorter to my shoulders… very daring and slightly stupid because I’m pretty sure I didn’t cut it very evenly hahaha #reckless. I like it though, it’s very different for me because I’ve pretty much always had long hair but it’s something different and change is always good so let’s just see how I like it in a few weeks (not that I can do anything about it then either lol)

Photo on 8-18-16 at 21.06 #2

I’m also starting IB very soon so that’s also pretty¬†scary and I’m not really sure how ready I am hahah. I’m most nervous for Japanese which fucks me over every time tbh :’). My HL’s (Higher Level Subjects) are Art, History and English¬†in case you were wondering.



I still have A LOT of posts coming and probably even a video from my Sweden trip so stay tuned for that…


Heidelberg 1 : Morning Walks and Summer Barbecues


Oh Europe how I’ve missed you. You know, it’s pretty crazy how much you can appreciate something you didn’t as much before. I live in the most beautiful town in the entire universe it seems to me, and somehow I only realised that this year hahahah. This town is everything to me, it feels like home yet still feels like an adventure every time I come. I see the same people working in stores and bakeries that I saw when I was five, and roll my suitcase into the room in my grandma’s house that I stayed in when I was a chubby little twelve year old here in boarding school to see my old artwork and cheesy decorations she didn’t take down that my cactus has grown a few centimeters. Nothing really changes much here. But as I do, the more and more I learn to love my little city.

Scars From the Past


It’s pretty¬†crazy to me how something that happened so long ago can scar a person. It scares me that I’m still scarred from my past.¬†How little things that no one thought much of changed me, or how one person could make me feel amazing one day¬†then slap me with the reality that sometimes people aren’t who we think they are the next. I’m not asking for pity or attention. I’m writing this to share my experience. If you have ever been through something similar, let me know in the comments below.

Okay let’s start from the beginning…

I grew up in an environment where you were judged for everything. What you said, did, wore and who hung out with. School was a popularity contest for me in my later elementary and middle school years and though I¬†succeeded in being well known, I don’t remember a month that I didn’t come home crying my eyes out at least once, and not a week where I didn’t feel intimidated or pressured at least once.

Glitter and Summer Countdowns


Exactly 4 days left until the long awaited summer break. We’re at that phase where grades have been submitted, we’re done with finals, and are either watching movies or playing games in class… or talking about IB next year and getting assigned summer homework (but lets focus on the positive…). I can literally feel, taste and smell summer break and am so excited.

My last weekend of Sophomore year was spent naked in bathtubs covered in paint and glitter. Not as crazy at it sounds I swear hahah. Joela is working on one of her projects for next year and used me as one of the subjects of her art. Despite the mess, it was actually so much fun and turned out pretty cool. Pictures below.

Fall and Winter Music


Music is a huge part of my life, I’m ALWAYS listening to it, on the way to school, in school while researching, at home while I’m doing homework, while cleaning, while attempting to cook, while showering, while dancing around in my underwear and so on hahah. I literally have playlists to listen to depending on my mood and I love them. Here they are.

Fall Inspiration


September, October and November are the best… Clean crisp air, leaves, blankets, halloween, tea, fuzzy socks and so much more, you get the drift. Kinda cringing that I just listed the most basic and stereotypical aspects of fall, but don’t deny it, they’re all true and amazing. Here’s what I’ve loved so far and what’s been inspiring me this season.

Long Weekends and Productivity


Some days you wake up and know that you’re not gonna get a single shit done, and some days you wake up feeling like you can turn water into wine… feel me? hahaha today was one of those days for me. I’m the type of person to leave things to the last minute which isn’t very admirable but hey,¬†if you get it done and do it well does it even matter when you did it? Here’s how I spent my day actually being productive.