IB Dying part 1 : Staying Organized

I don’t know how many people can relate to this, but I go through phases where I’ll be super motivated to work and study one week then have absolutely zero energy and motivation the next. Going through IB, this comes with ups and downs. Some weeks, you REALLY can’t afford not to work and give your all and other times, you’ll see the rewards that comes as a result of your hard work. However, recently
(in the past few months or so), I think I’ve finally gotten a hang of this whole thing and have mastered the act of staying (at least somewhat) motivated for longer periods of time. Sooo, here’s the first post in this series (if that’s what this is) on how I get through hell, also known as IB. Here’s what works for me. Hopefully it helps you a bit too.
One thing that COMPLETELY changes the game for me is staying organized. It’s almost pathetic how excited I get over to do lists and pretty agenda’s. Because of this, I am so motivated to get my work done for the satisfaction of checking that beautifully color coded assignment off my to do list. Even getting new assignments is fun when you get to add it to your calendar. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but still – it’s much better than dreading assignments and having them pile up etc etc. Here’s how I stay organized;

Google Drive:
In my school, all of the work is actually done on google drive, which is convenient because it doesn’t take up any space on my laptop’s hard drive and can be shared with teachers and classmates super easily. It’s also nice that lots of people can access the same document or presentation at the same time for group work.
Looking at the picture it may look a little unorganized, however, the way it’s set up is; all of the documents at the bottom are things that I am using at the moment and would need to access everyday. When I’m done with that document (usually when we finish the topic in class) I drag the document into the ’11/12′ folder into the appropriate subject so that I can access it later on. The folders at the top, like ‘Sarah TOK’ for example are the same, once I’m done with that unit, they’ll go into the OG folder, under the right category in ’11/12′.
 Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.47.19 AM

What’s Up (part 1) – No Motivation & Sleep deprivation


Basically just what’s going on in my life at the moment: How I’ve been dealing with school (IB Y1), working out, early birthday surprises, recklessly cutting my own hair (again!) and some random recent pictures.

Currently: Listening to Saved by Khalid, working on this blog post while I should be writing the essay I have due tomorrow and haven’t started :~)

Okay so first of all, I can’t believe that January is already over and it’s already February! I feel like from this point on the school year just goes by so quickly… At least I hope so, my motivation is non existent right now.

It was Valentines day a few days ago and as usual, I was as single as ever hahahah, it’s fine though, even if I did have a date, I probably wouldn’t even have the time to go out, just felt like any other day to be honest… I did get some surprise chocolate though hehe, like I already mentioned I had this huge essay for English Lit due that my teacher assigned a week earlier along with two other big projects, I literally started writing it at 11 pm the night before it was due. YAY. It actually turned out pretty good in the end though – goes to show that it doesn’t matter when you start as long as you get it done hahahah. Just kidding, sleep, being stress free and ahead of the game feels so much better. I go through phases where I’m just killing it with my organization and responsibilities, but then there’s weeks like last week where I just ate like shit and got nothing done :’). I feel like this is something that all IB students understand. I also just finished my midterms and ohhh god, they were so hard. I legit survived on redbull and coffee.. I needed like a week to recover and catch up from sleep because of them hahah, So glad they’re over.

exams .jpg

SEOMUN Experience 2016


Currently: lying on my sofa dying of the flu. I blame having to leave Korea so soon.

On the 23rd of November the MUN ‘family’ met at the Fukuoka airport at 9 am, we were literally buzzing with excitement and couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we were going to have, hoping we’d get partnered with good roomies, and talking about how cold it would be in comparison to the 12 degrees we consider freezing here in Fukuoka.

Fukuoka Diary 1


Hey! So this Saturday me and Jo went out to Tenjin and basically window shopped, ate kebab and looked for art supplies (IB HL art life), a pretty typical Sar and Jo outing and nothing special but I thought I’d upload some of the pictures we took. I think I’m gonna do this more often too cause I know I’ll thank myself after I leave Japan that I took all of these photo’s and captured all of these memories hehe. This is pretty much an average day in my life with my best friend, take a closer look into my life and see some more of Fukuoka. Leggo

Italy 2: Venice


Words cannot express how beautiful this city is. That sounds so cheesy and exaggerated but it’s true. Venice looks like it was taken straight out of a picture book or painting and is just so classic, unique and old and modern at the same time… The pictures are actually pretty reflective of all of this, so I’ll let you see for your self. Nothing is quite like witnessing it irl though so even these pictures (even though I’m quite proud of them lol) don’t quite do the city justice.

Travelling Alone 101


I traveled alone for the first time when I was around 8 or 9, since then I’ve done it over 20 times, and for only around half of them was I an ‘unaccompanied minor’ which means that you have someone take you around the airport to wherever you have to go and to look after you on the plane and so on. The other half I had gained my parents trust and had to get around by my self. This was always super exiting to me because I’ve always been a very independent person and love feeling responsible and grown up (even now) hahaha. Without bragging I do like to think that I’m quite  a pro at travelling and airports.

…Now contradicting to what I just said about me being responsible and a pro I’m going to give you the back story about how I missed my flight a few weeks ago and now owe my parents 500 euro. Rip.



Hey Guys! This post is pretty insignificant and doesn’t really have a purpose other than to just let you guys know what’s been up, where I’ve been and so on…

So today I pretty much caught up on all of the school work I didn’t do enough of this summer and chilled a bit. I can’t really say that it was a good day because I’ve actually felt quite shitty since lunch time or something… idk the universe is testing me or something hahaha, I just had absolutely no motivation to do anything and wasn’t very productive (I didn’t leave the house once).

The worst part/another reason why I’m writing this post is because about an hour ago when I opened by blog with the intention to write my long overdue Italy posts I realised that all of my photo’s were deleted from my posts and couldn’t be restored. As you can imagine that’s really not something I needed to add on to my bad day and freaking sucked. I really do put a lot of effort into my posts and pictures and actually contemplated deactivating my entire blog for a while hahah. Either way I sucked it up and did my best to re-upload all of the pictures that were deleted… I didn’t manage for all of them though so I also deleted quite a few of my previous posts *cries*. That also explains why some of the posts may look a bit different and slightly worse done… It’s because I had to redo them, I’m sorry. Because of this I’ll also need you guys to bare with me with the rest of my posts (I have a lot planned) because they may take a while.

I’ve also almost used up the free 3 gb of data you’re given on WordPress for free and since I now know you can’t delete photo’s from there without also deleting them from your posts… and I’m too broke to pay for an upgrade (I’m 500 euro in debt but that’s a story for another time) I have no idea what I’m going to do when I use it all up *cries some more*

On a slightly less negative note, I got back from Europe on the 17th (2 days ago) and since then I’ve pretty much just been chilling and preparing for school which starts on the 23rd (god save me please). I’m not jet lagged at all though so that’s good 🙂


Yesterday I also randomly decided to cut my own hair a lot shorter. So in just one month my hair has gone from my belly button, to just on top of my boobs (which I kept for a week even though I loved it), and now a lot shorter to my shoulders… very daring and slightly stupid because I’m pretty sure I didn’t cut it very evenly hahaha #reckless. I like it though, it’s very different for me because I’ve pretty much always had long hair but it’s something different and change is always good so let’s just see how I like it in a few weeks (not that I can do anything about it then either lol)

Photo on 8-18-16 at 21.06 #2

I’m also starting IB very soon so that’s also pretty scary and I’m not really sure how ready I am hahah. I’m most nervous for Japanese which fucks me over every time tbh :’). My HL’s (Higher Level Subjects) are Art, History and English in case you were wondering.



I still have A LOT of posts coming and probably even a video from my Sweden trip so stay tuned for that…


Italy 1: Bolzano & Lido


Okay so here’s the first part of my road trip through Italy. We started off in Heidelberg and drove through the Austrian alps into a little town right at the border of Italy called Bolzano, it was a really little and cute mountain town which we kind of just used as a stop over to break our journey after the 8 hours we did on our first day. It was beautiful nonetheless though. We also had lunch in Austria right by the mountains and this really beautiful lake.

New York 2: Soho and The Statue of Liberty


My second day in New York was spent shopping and walking around Soho, getting burnt at the top of a open-roof bus, skimming through books in a vintage store and seeing the statue of Liberty, this was one of my favourite days without a doubt.