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Recent must-haves this spring.

American Teen, Khalid

There was point in time where this album was ALL I played. I would list my favorite songs but I would just end up listing the whole album. Khalid has absolutely killed me with his voicekhalid

Pair Acne Cream

I have my best friend to thank for introducing me to this product. I don’t actually have acne but had a few pretty bad pimple scars in around March that are now practically gone thanks to this. This stuff gets rid of pimples completely in a day or two and fades pimple/acne scars perfectly. It’s also so affordable and lightweight.


101 reasons why Coconut Oil is essential

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Coconut Oil is seriously amazing and is good for you on so many levels. I’m a huge fan and so is my friend Maho who even decided to write a book on her love for it, here it is, written entirely by her, Maho Lim the great. Read, enjoy, get some tips, and consider starting to use coconut oil for absolutely everything for your own benefit.