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Some of the spring/summer stuff I ordered from

To be completely honest, all of the things that came were a little big for me (as you can probably see in the pictures). Everything I got was in a size medium, which is what I normally wear so I was kind of bummed when the pieces that came didn’t fit me perfectly haha. Because of this, I highly reccomend checking the measurements and exact sizing before ordering 😉 I still wear all of these pieces and definitely don’t think they’re toooo bad, the service and shipping from tobi was also amazing, so overall, I can definitely reccomend it. Here’s what I got!

“Long Way Off Black and White Tee”

striped top

Spring Style Inspiration

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I can’t put in to words how happy I am that winter is over and that it’s officially Spring, the weather has been amazing in Fukuoka recently because the sun has been shining, and all of the cherry blossom flowers are in bloom (ironic because it’s raining today).

The theme of this season’s style for me is relaxed and basically rocking the style of looking laid back and casual yet still elegant and put together. That sounds pretty hard to fathom but I feel like the pieces I’ve shown here provide some pretty good examples

Happy Spring!!


Largely inspired by classic pin-striped or silk pajama sets. Wearing PJ’s outside of the house (especially to school) is something that I’m very strangely suuper comfortable and accustomed to doing, and because I actually love the vibe this gives off, I think a lot of things can be paired together so that they give off a similar aesthetic but are a bit more structured and put-together.

I thought denim on denim and wearing double of the same color was the biggest fashion sin ever until very recently. I actually love the way matching sets look with each other (if they are pulled off correctly) and think that there is such a cute vintage look in matching your top with your bottoms.

I haven’t really experimented with denim on denim (yet) but have matched loose black pants with with a loose black top tied into a knot at the bottom with a denim jacket or a long cardigan and love the way it looks.


Instagram Muses


Scrolling on Instagram is seriously just like getting new inspiration everyday, here are SOME of my favorite Instagram accounts and some pictures that inspired me, Enjoy!!


I just absolutely love her style and the way she edits her pictures, she’s also super gorgeous and is such a badass


Fukuoka Diary 5: Atago Adventures


January 28th

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes this morning was the clear blue sky. I was instantly in a better mood… that and of course the fact that I’d be spending my weekend doing something other than school work. On this day, Jo and I decided to explore Fukuoka a little more and go to places we hadn’t been before.

January/February Inspiration


In my opinion, January and February are the longest months evverrrrr… Midterms, winter and that time time of the semester where no one has any motivation. It just generally feels like there isn’t much to look forward to. At least February is my birthday month 😉

Anyway, negativity aside, here’s my inspiration for these upcoming months plus some of my favorites/themes-of-the-month written down.


October Video Inspiration


The video’s that inspired me throughout September and beginning of October.

I’ve been IN LOVE (especially) with video’s posted by magazine companies like Vogue and i-D. There’s something so artsy and creatively inspiring about them. I’m just so drawn to the way that they’re made and the content inside them. Here are some of my recent favorites.

Fall Style Inspiration

Inspiration, Style

So to be honest, fall is actually so far out of reach in Fukuoka at the moment and when it does come it’ll probably actually only last for like 3 weeks before it turns into an absolutely miserable winter at the end of November/beginning of December. Either way I’m kind of excited for it… even though I don’t ever want summer to end and for the cold to come… haha

I’m definitely more of a summer person in general but fall fashion is my absolute favorite so I made these ‘style boards’ of things I want/am inspired by for this fall. I also listed where most of these things can be bought under them so maybe it’ll help some of you out

Enjoy, and Happy Fall if it’s starting to get colder where you are 🙂

September Inspiration


Hey! So, August has come to an end and it’s officially September. September feels like a month of fresh starts for me. A new school year, a new season (supposedly), new projects, IB getting more intense, and a chance to make new memories. I’m feeling SUPER inspired for this month and so I made these ‘inspo boards’ of all of the things that stood out to me and compiled a playlist of my current favorite songs. I also made a list of one-word themes of things that I like for the month. Enjoy!