The Pictures I took while I was lost in Osaka

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I spent last weekend in Osaka, mostly to renew my German passport but also just to spend a day chilling in the city. It was a new place for me and is quite a bit bigger than Fukuoka… that plus my poor orientation skills aren’t really a good combination, so I was lost like 90% of the time I was alone hahah… Thankfully I got to meet up with friends who knew what they were doing for most of the day. I had such a good time and definitely want to go back soon.

Italy 4: Rome


As I said in my previous posts, we spent a day in Rome while staying in Florence since it was just an hour away by train. So we got up reallllyyy early, ate breakfast, then got onto the train that would take us to the capital.

Without any exaggeration I can honestly say that I want to live in Rome. The people, the scenery, the city itself, and just the entire atmosphere was so beautiful and just felt perfect.

Italy 3: Florence


Okay so I finally fixed most of the problems I was having with my blog and computer and am actually feeling pretty good!… Even though today was my first day of school and I’m already procrastinating. Anyway, here’s my long overdue post from Florence.

Florence was another absolutely amazing city. It actually reminded me a lot of Heidelberg so it felt very home-y hahah. We stayed in Florence for three nights which is actually the longest we spent in one city on that trip. On the first day we walked up this hill to see the whole view of the city, got ice cream and visited all of the other touristy sites like the Duomo, statues, and so on.

Travelling Alone 101


I traveled alone for the first time when I was around 8 or 9, since then I’ve done it over 20 times, and for only around half of them was I an ‘unaccompanied minor’ which means that you have someone take you around the airport to wherever you have to go and to look after you on the plane and so on. The other half I had gained my parents trust and had to get around by my self. This was always super exiting to me because I’ve always been a very independent person and love feeling responsible and grown up (even now) hahaha. Without bragging I do like to think that I’m quite  a pro at travelling and airports.

…Now contradicting to what I just said about me being responsible and a pro I’m going to give you the back story about how I missed my flight a few weeks ago and now owe my parents 500 euro. Rip.

Italy 1: Bolzano & Lido


Okay so here’s the first part of my road trip through Italy. We started off in Heidelberg and drove through the Austrian alps into a little town right at the border of Italy called Bolzano, it was a really little and cute mountain town which we kind of just used as a stop over to break our journey after the 8 hours we did on our first day. It was beautiful nonetheless though. We also had lunch in Austria right by the mountains and this really beautiful lake.

New York 5: The Highline and Moonlight Diner


On our last full day in the City my dad and I went to the Highline and it was freaking amazing. The morning light on top of the classic houses, street and wall art, joggers, and just the uniqueness and authenticity of the park in general was just perfect. We rewarded ourselves with a classic american breakfast in the most stereotypical diner ever afterward. It was seriously like reenacting pulp fiction or any Woody Allen movie haha.

New York 4: Art Galleries, Ripleys and Broadway


For this day’s morning walk I dragged my dad back to Soho where we planned the rest of our day over bagels and ice water. We walked to Soho through this really nice park with a really nice arch (which I also forgot the name of because I suck) and saw this guy busking there by playing his saxophone shirtless. We just sat there for a while drinking our iced latte’s and listened to the jazz.

New York 3: DUMBO and the Brooklyn Bridge


DUMBO (Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is a must see in New York. Once again, it’s an escape from the rush, crowds, dirt, and puddles of pee on the road in downtown and is filled with art, cobble stone roads, parks, and old houses. This place seriously has such a neighbourhood feeling to it aaaaaaand is where Dan Humphrey’s house in Gossip Girl was set. That made me pretty exited.

New York 2: Soho and The Statue of Liberty


My second day in New York was spent shopping and walking around Soho, getting burnt at the top of a open-roof bus, skimming through books in a vintage store and seeing the statue of Liberty, this was one of my favourite days without a doubt.

New York 1: Times Square and Central Park

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I’m really overdue writing this because I actually got back from New York this morning (yes, the jet lag is pretty intense) but I couldn’t go to the city of my dreams and not blog it. So, here’s how I spent my first day and the morning after in The Big Apple. I also tried something a little new with my pictures. Enjoy!