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Recent must-haves this spring.

American Teen, Khalid

There was point in time where this album was ALL I played. I would list my favorite songs but I would just end up listing the whole album. Khalid has absolutely killed me with his voicekhalid

Pair Acne Cream

I have my best friend to thank for introducing me to this product. I don’t actually have acne but had a few pretty bad pimple scars in around March that are now practically gone thanks to this. This stuff gets rid of pimples completely in a day or two and fades pimple/acne scars perfectly. It’s also so affordable and lightweight.


Italy 2: Venice


Words cannot express how beautiful this city is. That sounds so cheesy and exaggerated but it’s true. Venice looks like it was taken straight out of a picture book or painting and is just so classic, unique and old and modern at the same time… The pictures are actually pretty reflective of all of this, so I’ll let you see for your self. Nothing is quite like witnessing it irl though so even these pictures (even though I’m quite proud of them lol) don’t quite do the city justice.