Recent Favorites

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Recent must-haves this spring.

American Teen, Khalid

There was point in time where this album was ALL I played. I would list my favorite songs but I would just end up listing the whole album. Khalid has absolutely killed me with his voicekhalid

Pair Acne Cream

I have my best friend to thank for introducing me to this product. I don’t actually have acne but had a few pretty bad pimple scars in around March that are now practically gone thanks to this. This stuff gets rid of pimples completely in a day or two and fades pimple/acne scars perfectly. It’s also so affordable and lightweight.


Fukuoka Diary 4: Shrines and City Life


December 19th 

Woke up, made my self a smoothie, showered and got ready to Ed Sheeran. Literally could not wait to get out of the house and meet up with my best friend after 4 days of being trapped at home. A few minutes past 10, Jo came over to drop her things for the night and we left the house. Camera’s at hand, arm in arm, we made our way downtown. With the intention of Christmas shopping we spent (literally) 9 hours in the city wandering around, thrifting, eating, sitting in the park and visiting a local shrine.

Fukuoka Diary 3: Photoshoots & Lunch by the Beach


December 20th

“Shit. What happened to starting early?” Was the start of the productive part of our day on this particular sunny Tuesday morning. By this point (around 11 am) Jo and I had rolled around in our makeshift beds in the TV room, made and eaten pancakes with raspberries and finished the movie we (me mostly) dozed off while watching the night before.

As IB art students, creative photoshoots are a huge part of our friendship, she models for me, I model for her.. That’s how it works hahaha (see more here). Anyway, on this day, Jo wanted to take some polaroids and also take some pictures of me with sakura flowers she painted on my face. Even though we kinda rushed through this whole thing, I’m actually so in love with how the pictures turned out. She’s seriously so talented.

October Video Inspiration


The video’s that inspired me throughout September and beginning of October.

I’ve been IN LOVE (especially) with video’s posted by magazine companies like Vogue and i-D. There’s something so artsy and creatively inspiring about them. I’m just so drawn to the way that they’re made and the content inside them. Here are some of my recent favorites.

New York 5: The Highline and Moonlight Diner


On our last full day in the City my dad and I went to the Highline and it was freaking amazing. The morning light on top of the classic houses, street and wall art, joggers, and just the uniqueness and authenticity of the park in general was just perfect. We rewarded ourselves with a classic american breakfast in the most stereotypical diner ever afterward. It was seriously like reenacting pulp fiction or any Woody Allen movie haha.

New York 4: Art Galleries, Ripleys and Broadway


For this day’s morning walk I dragged my dad back to Soho where we planned the rest of our day over bagels and ice water. We walked to Soho through this really nice park with a really nice arch (which I also forgot the name of because I suck) and saw this guy busking there by playing his saxophone shirtless. We just sat there for a while drinking our iced latte’s and listened to the jazz.