Hey! So this is the first upload into my “portfolio” here on my blog. Not gonna lie, I have no idea how this works but just wanted to create a platform where I could share my art. For those of you who don’t know. I take Higher Level IB art for which I have to create a bunch of pieces. 3D, 2D and digitally based, so here, I’ll be posting some of those as well as some of my portfolio pages to explain them etc etc. If you’re also taking IB art or any other art course this could be helpful 🙂 (not that I’m the best example to follow hahah).

Art and photography in general are passions of mine as well so you can also expect to see some random photos and other artwork made by me in my free time.

Before going into depth on this piece in specific, I think it should be made clear that my overall theme for my IB Art Exhibition is “Women of the World”. I chose this topic because feminism and gender equality is something I am incredibly passionate about and is something I wanted to explore further.

This first piece was the first portfolio piece I made for IB art back in September/October. It’s a pencil drawing of breasts with decaying flowers going across the middle. It is supposed to mock female censorship in the media and is supposed to emphasize the beauty of the human body while representing the breakdown of traditionalist idea’s in today’s society.

To make this piece, I sketched the breasts into my sketchbook with pencil, then scanned the drawing and uploaded it into photoshop.

For the flowers, I used some of Billy Kidd’s photo’s in his decaying flowers series, and used photoshop to crop and rasterize them from their initial black background and saved them as png files. (Yes I gave him full credit in my portfolio and dedicated an entire slide to artist research on him)

From there, I pretty much just dragged and dropped them onto my drawing and played around with the placement of them and different angles until I was satisfied.

Here’s what I finished with 🙂

censorship 1 copyBoobs 5 (?)censorship attempt 5censorship attempt 3 copy

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