Home // Heidelberg, Winter 2016

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Hey! As a lot of you probably know, I spent my winter break in at home in Heidelberg, Germany. Only slightly biased ( 😉 ) but it’s the most beautiful city in the world and I love it with all my heart. If you’re ever in Germany, please go check it out, it’s so underrated, and I promise, you won’t regret it. I wasn’t too lucky with the weather this trip, (hence all of the fog) but I’m still so happy with how these pictures turned out. I’ll link some posts of my previous trips there below.

Here are some very long overdue pictures I took while I was there in December, Enjoy! ❤

The Pictures I took while I was lost in Osaka

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I spent last weekend in Osaka, mostly to renew my German passport but also just to spend a day chilling in the city. It was a new place for me and is quite a bit bigger than Fukuoka… that plus my poor orientation skills aren’t really a good combination, so I was lost like 90% of the time I was alone hahah… Thankfully I got to meet up with friends who knew what they were doing for most of the day. I had such a good time and definitely want to go back soon.

Italy 5: Cinque Terre

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Our last and my favorite stop on this trip was the town of Monterosso in Cinque Terre, Italy. The beach-town vibe of this place, the houses in the hills and the clear blue ocean water was just what I needed to finish my summer break and I had such an amazing time.

We drove through Pisa on our way from Florence to Monterosso, and decided to stop at the leaning tower, pretty much just to take a picture and to see it lol (offered to help like 5 people attempting to make the tower look like it was leaning on them). It wasn’t that great to be honest… glad I saw it though haha.

New York 1: Times Square and Central Park

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I’m really overdue writing this because I actually got back from New York this morning (yes, the jet lag is pretty intense) but I couldn’t go to the city of my dreams and not blog it. So, here’s how I spent my first day and the morning after in The Big Apple. I also tried something a little new with my pictures. Enjoy!

Glitter and Summer Countdowns


Exactly 4 days left until the long awaited summer break. We’re at that phase where grades have been submitted, we’re done with finals, and are either watching movies or playing games in class… or talking about IB next year and getting assigned summer homework (but lets focus on the positive…). I can literally feel, taste and smell summer break and am so excited.

My last weekend of Sophomore year was spent naked in bathtubs covered in paint and glitter. Not as crazy at it sounds I swear hahah. Joela is working on one of her projects for next year and used me as one of the subjects of her art. Despite the mess, it was actually so much fun and turned out pretty cool. Pictures below.