Confidence: Style

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Would you consider your self a confident person? To me, that’s a very difficult question, and would have a very mixed yes-no answer. Some days, I am the exact opposite, some days, I am, and most days, I’m somewhere in the middle. I know I’m not alone in this and so I’m writing this post to my self as well as one to every one out there facing the same things. Enjoy, and remember, confidence is key.

Letter to my younger self

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Yes. I’m still ‘young dumb and naive’ but I can safely say that I’ve been through quite a bit. No I haven’t really battled with mental illness or been severely bullied like how sadly many others have. I have made mistakes though, some really stupid ones too, but all of my mistakes, useless drama, and all of my experiences have made me who I am today and though some of it was shitty I’m so glad I was put through it because I wouldn’t be half as strong and mature as I am now if it weren’t for them. Here’s a letter to my younger self. I nominate YOU to write one as well 😉

Feelin’ Myself

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So, I was going to make a blog post dedicated to Valentines day but since that never really happened because of my crazy work-load and lack of inspiration. I’m uploading this post just a few days after to talk about loving all year round and not just on February 14th. This post is about loving yourself and making yourself feel like a queen/king. Treat your self and enjoy!

How to get shit done

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As we get older, school gets harder and more demanding. Free time is a rare luxury, your bed becomes your best friend, and coffee becomes more and more of a motivation to be productive. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that feels like this and I’m possibly the biggest procrastinator ever and am also super lazy. Don’t get me wrong though, I know how to get stuff done, well and efficiently… eventually hahah. Here’s how…

The Material Things I’ve Been Loving


Over the past few months, I’ve used, and fell in love with a lot of products. The title of this post is ‘Material Things I Love’ because there are so many things that I’m absolutely obsessed with that aren’t material, and can’t be lost, bought or used up. I’ll make a separate and deeper post about that. For the time being, however, here’s what I’ve been loving to wear, apply and use recently.

101 reasons why Coconut Oil is essential

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Coconut Oil is seriously amazing and is good for you on so many levels. I’m a huge fan and so is my friend Maho who even decided to write a book on her love for it, here it is, written entirely by her, Maho Lim the great. Read, enjoy, get some tips, and consider starting to use coconut oil for absolutely everything for your own benefit.