Recent Favorites

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Recent must-haves this spring.

American Teen, Khalid

There was point in time where this album was ALL I played. I would list my favorite songs but I would just end up listing the whole album. Khalid has absolutely killed me with his voicekhalid

Pair Acne Cream

I have my best friend to thank for introducing me to this product. I don’t actually have acne but had a few pretty bad pimple scars in around March that are now practically gone thanks to this. This stuff gets rid of pimples completely in a day or two and fades pimple/acne scars perfectly. It’s also so affordable and lightweight.


Tiger Balm

If you know me, you know my obsession to Tiger Balm. It can literally heal anything from a headache to muscle pain, it burns a little but I love the feeling. On long days at school or days where I’ve just been looking at a screen all day, I put some tiger balm on my temples before going to bed and feel completely clear the next morning. tiger balm

Lush Coffee Scrub

While I actually prefer my homemade coffee scrub, I love this one by lush too, I like to wear a face mask (this one or any other one) once to twice a week and genuinely feel like my skin is softer and brighter after using this, it even makes me feel fresher and more awake, but maybe that’s just psychological hahahahcoffee scrub

White Nike Roshe Runs

Not gonna lie, I have been the laziest person ever for the past few weeks or so… I literally roll straight out of bed and into school in the morning and get ready in under 5 minutes. These shoes are so nice because I can slip them on within a few seconds and they still manage to pull my often chaotic outfits together.


Mac Soft & Gentle Highlighter

I’ve had this product for over a year now and it’s still going strong. I always get so many compliments on my highlight and it’s all because of this. Nothing gives me a better glow. highlighter


Another Japanese product. This mascara has really impressed me, it somehow manages to make my eyelashes look so much longer while still giving them a very natural look.


Dior Lip Maximizer

I have Jo to thank for getting this for me as a Christmas present because I have been using it so much, it really does plump my lips while still giving them a super nice glossy look. I also get a burning sensation from it similar to the one I get from tiger balm which I love (is that weird? hahaha)dior

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