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I can’t put in to words how happy I am that winter is over and that it’s officially Spring, the weather has been amazing in Fukuoka recently because the sun has been shining, and all of the cherry blossom flowers are in bloom (ironic because it’s raining today).

The theme of this season’s style for me is relaxed and basically rocking the style of looking laid back and casual yet still elegant and put together. That sounds pretty hard to fathom but I feel like the pieces I’ve shown here provide some pretty good examples

Happy Spring!!


Largely inspired by classic pin-striped or silk pajama sets. Wearing PJ’s outside of the house (especially to school) is something that I’m very strangely suuper comfortable and accustomed to doing, and because I actually love the vibe this gives off, I think a lot of things can be paired together so that they give off a similar aesthetic but are a bit more structured and put-together.

I thought denim on denim and wearing double of the same color was the biggest fashion sin ever until very recently. I actually love the way matching sets look with each other (if they are pulled off correctly) and think that there is such a cute vintage look in matching your top with your bottoms.

I haven’t really experimented with denim on denim (yet) but have matched loose black pants with with a loose black top tied into a knot at the bottom with a denim jacket or a long cardigan and love the way it looks.


Long coats/cardigans

I love the look (and the feeling) of almost drowning in a big coat/cardigan/jacket. As weird as that sounds, I feel like over-sized outerwear really adds to an outfit and is actually super flattering. Just in general, I think they just look super chic and cozy at the same time and have even loved the look of big hoodies for places like school where I don’t necessarily care what I look like but still manage to look cute (sometimes) hahaha.

big coatz

Deep/Loose V-necks 

I find tops like this verry flattering. This is one thing I found that actually suits my body type very well and while it may not work as well with different ones, it still has a very elegant look to it despite how revealing they can be. You can’t really wear a bra with a cut like this which is why I prefer them when they’re loose. I also really love the fact that shirts, dresses and rompers like this can be dressed up with accessories and super easily dressed down with a pair of jeans or a loose pony tail. Without even realizing, I bought quite a few clothing pieces with this cut so maybe I’ll post some pictures of how I like to style them.

deep v

Oversized Tee’s 

Similar to the coats, I also love the look of loose t-shirts. I think that my go-to look of this season is perfectly achieved through loose clothes. I love the look of pairing loose tops with boyfriend/mom jeans, distressed shorts, a denim skirt or even without any pants and a cute pair of shoes. I really love it when the sleeves of these tops come down a bit lower and also when they’re cropped and can be worn with high waisted bottoms.

loose T

Non-skinny pants

If you know me, you’ll know that skinny jeans and leggings have pretty much always been my go-to bottoms. This is probably because of how easily they pair with almost anything, however, I have recently found that looser jeans or pants actually have a really nice effect as well, especially when they are dressed up with dainty accessories and a blouse or dressed down with a distressed T-shirt and white sneakers.

non skinny

Slip on shoes

Adding on to the very relaxed and laid back feel that I’m going for this season, I love the way slip on shoes look. Not only am I too lazy to sit down to put on a pair of shoes, but I also love the way dainty slips look on. Mostly inspired by the Gucci ones (that everyone has), but also just the way they make every outfit look laid back yet classy and put together.


(all collages made on photoshop and pictures taken from tumblr)


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