Papua New Guinea: Doini


Another spring break, another trip back to my mom’s house here in Papua New Guinea. I’m currently in the capital, Port Moresby and got back from 4 days at Doini Island in Millen Bay Provence yesterday morning. Not even kidding when I say that it was p a r a d i s e. Here’s a summary of my trip in journal entries and pictures. Enjoy!

March 26th 2017 // 12 something pm 

We just got to the beach (Doini Island) via helicopter. It was mesmerizing. I’m gonna go strip then jump straight into the ocean. We’ve got the whole, crystal blue-watered island all to ourselves… there isn’t a single other guest here. I am so at peace and happy.


March 26th 2017 // 3:32 pm 

Just swam, jumped, and made Christmas tree’s out of wet sand. It feels like I’m five again. At the bungalows we’re staying at, there’s this jetty/house thing that’s around 2 meters
above the water that you can run and jump off into the water from. I definitely didn’t hesitate in doing so and can’t even describe the sensation haha. I was instantly reminded of how much I love the ocean and in response, ran, jumped off, swam back to the shore and repeated the process around 10 more times that day hahah. We had to climb over the reception/restaurant fence thing to get back on the jetty to do so (spring breakers style) and ended up making the whole place wet and sandy… oops…


When we got tired Johan, Yoshi and I played in the sand and waves for a bit and now, my previous bikini is off and a new one is on with my green romper on top with my wet hair wrapped up in a towel. The rest of the family is kayaking right now and it’s such a nice sight… Might join them in a bit.


March 26th 2017 // 6:42 pm 

Okay so I just got done kayaking with my mom and it was surreal. I didn’t actually do anything and just lay at the front of the kayak and relaxed while she paddled hahahah… She wanted that though… I’m not a shitty daughter. We must’ve gone for around an hour together and just talked about everything while paddling around the ocean, the sun was setting while we were on the water and the whole sky was filled with pink and yellow clouds while the ocean reflected it. We even saw manta rays swim under us occasionally. It sounds like I’m describing a dream. I know. I think I’m more like her than I often think. She truly is such a free spirit.

I honestly have Johan to thank for convincing me to get back into the water after having showered and changed. I got onto his kayak at first and we stayed together for a while (actually getting along!!). We just rowed around for a bit occasionally jumping off and trying to push each other off. I’m actually in paradise. No doubt about that.

March 27th // 12:07 pm 

Currently lying on the same pier that we jumped off yesterday, I’m listening to Imagine Dragons and attempting to read A Dolls House for English Lit but it’s excruciatingly boring. I’ve been so good with sun protection this trip and actually learnt my lesson from last years entire day of being unable to move suffering from sunburn… then being black and peeling for the next few days… It’s just been super relaxing today… we were supposed to take the boat out to see the manta rays and snorkel/island hop but the boat isn’t here lol. I’m not bothered though, I would be perfectly comfortable lying here for the rest of my life.

fullsizeoutput_23f7BeFunky Collage 1fullsizeoutput_23f6

March 27th 5:47 

The boat never showed up so we ended up taking a much smaller one for the boys to go fishing in. In a way it was such a fail because it started pouring rain and there weren’t any fish. I actually didn’t even really want to go since… I don’t fish… and I thought we were going to see the manta rays. BUT; I’m so glad I did go because I ended up embracing the rain and sitting and lying on the front part of the boat away from the shade and just let my top and bikini get completely soaked while everyone was complaining about the rain and how cold it was. I just laid and listened to the waves and rain.

While we were on the boat in the rain, my mom broke into a ‘Life of Pi’ impersonation and I died of laughter. It was legit so fitting on the boat and in the rain. The boat driver enjoyed it too, I caught him laughing in the corner hahah.

After sometime we had the idea to jump off the boat and swim in the big waves that came with the storm. Under the rain and in the ocean. I floated around a little but then got back on the boat and sat on the front part of the boat (the deck?) the whole way back to Doini. It was super bumpy and I had the time of my life haha. When we got back the sky was filled with clouds and was literally LILAC. Peeks of sunshine were also shining through and. ugh. It was amazing. I floated around in the water for a little longer and eventually got out and showered and got ready etc. And now I’m here, back in my green romper on top of a dry bikini writing in this journal and drinking a solo. Another great day.

March 28th 2017 // 5:31 pm 

Boat day (the right boat ended up coming eventually) today and again – surreal. We left at around 9:30 and sailed a but until we got to the ‘fishing spot’. While the boys fished, I got onto the front of the boat (named Courtney), laid out my towel and just lay in the sun, applying sunscreen and reading my book while feeling the splashes from the waves and sun on my skin. When the boat started moving again I stayed seated on the deck (is it called a deck??), blasted Kygo through my headphones and had the ride of my life, sitting on the speeding boat flying over the choppy waves. I had the bumpiest (aka best) spot. Thank God I don’t get sea sick.

fullsizeoutput_2459BeFunky Collage 2

I kept my spot on the deck until we reached our next destination which was another paradise island. Literally crystal turquoise water and sand that felt like flour. We swam and snorkeled there for a bit and I seriously felt so good. I’ve become so much more confident in snorkelling and am so proud of myself! I always used to panic when I’d get super close to corals and would freak out at the fact that I wouldn’t be able to put my feet down but was completely fine and 100% calm this time. I even managed to swim over the corals in the shallowest parts of the water where they were practically grazing my bare stomach and I could barely move my feet to swim. It was super pretty too… A lot of the corals were dead but there were some that were still some that were very much alive and vibrant. I legit saw Nemo in his house. Also, this weird bright purple clam/random organism that would close if you went close to it.


We had lunch on the boat then took the “long way” back to our island. I just listened to music and looked at the waves. Now I’m showered and braless, lying on the restaurant sofa writing this journal entry. It’s so sad to think that this is our last day. It’s been so incredible. I also can’t wait to go back to Moresby though… I really need to study. I’m covered in sandfly bites and it’s the most uncomfortable and gross feeling ever. I’m trying not to think about it but it’s so much easier said than done. SO ITCHY.

March 29th // 7:24 am

We’re leaving today ;(. We had the best dinner ever last night, it consisted of the fish that the boys caught and fresh lobster and crab. We also had a huge bonfire after that where people told stories but honestly, I was way too sleepy to focus so I just watched the little sparks fly out of the fire… Strangely super fascinated by it haha. The stars that night were INSANE though. The sky was FILLED, there were even these little milky ways that we could see. The helicopter/water plane is coming to get us soon to take us back to the airport in Alatao where we’re going to catch the flight back to Moresby. This trip has been so surreal. It’ll be very hard to forget.


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