What’s Up (part 1) – No Motivation & Sleep deprivation


Basically just what’s going on in my life at the moment: How I’ve been dealing with school (IB Y1), working out, early birthday surprises, recklessly cutting my own hair (again!) and some random recent pictures.

Currently: Listening to Saved by Khalid, working on this blog post while I should be writing the essay I have due tomorrow and haven’t started :~)

Okay so first of all, I can’t believe that January is already over and it’s already February! I feel like from this point on the school year just goes by so quickly… At least I hope so, my motivation is non existent right now.

It was Valentines day a few days ago and as usual, I was as single as ever hahahah, it’s fine though, even if I did have a date, I probably wouldn’t even have the time to go out, just felt like any other day to be honest… I did get some surprise chocolate though hehe, like I already mentioned I had this huge essay for English Lit due that my teacher assigned a week earlier along with two other big projects, I literally started writing it at 11 pm the night before it was due. YAY. It actually turned out pretty good in the end though – goes to show that it doesn’t matter when you start as long as you get it done hahahah. Just kidding, sleep, being stress free and ahead of the game feels so much better. I go through phases where I’m just killing it with my organization and responsibilities, but then there’s weeks like last week where I just ate like shit and got nothing done :’). I feel like this is something that all IB students understand. I also just finished my midterms and ohhh god, they were so hard. I legit survived on redbull and coffee.. I needed like a week to recover and catch up from sleep because of them hahah, So glad they’re over.

exams .jpg

On a more positive note, overall, I’ve actually been super focused on self-improvement and taking care of my self. As you may have read in my ‘Respect’ blog post, I was in a bit of a weird place a while ago, so to ‘recover’ I started working out a lot more and attempting to eat better hahaha, it was actually going so well and I felt great (until last week lol). Seriously the results of being healthy physically are insane, within a few days of just drinking a little more water, eating less crap and exercising, my skin looked better, I had more energy and just felt so refreshed and energized emotionally and mentally. I always forget how much of a positive impact this has on me until I actually stop and start again. I’m really going to try to continue doing this well. I’m the type of person that’s suuuuuper impacted by my surroundings, if the weather is good, my mood will be too, and Fukuoka has been lovely the past few days, so that’s another thing that’s making me happy hehe.

PJ skl.jpg

Another thing that’s coming up is my MUN conference in Kobe that starts this Wednesday (21st), I have literally done ZERO research and I’m the delegate of Philippines on the topic of the Death Penalty. If you have any idea about their political system right now you’ll know that this position is terrifying hahaha. Anyway, I hope I don’t get roasted too much and that I an just get away with trolling everyone and being as controversial as possible. I love MUN though, so I’m super excited for this trip.


this is the guy I have to represent – RIP

I also chopped my own hair off — again! Yes, I’m an idiot and I won’t deny it. I was literally just bored one day and thought ‘why not?’. It’s just above my shoulders now and I actually really love it, it’s verrry hard to manage but I think I can pull it off well enough… sometimes…


As for future plans, I’m going to visit my mom in Papua New Guinea in March again like how I did last year. I’m actually going for more of a service trip for CAS but also can’t wait to do some charity and outreach work as well as chill in the tropics and hopefully get my tan back hehe. pngFor those of you who don’t know, my birthday is coming up soon (Feb 28th) and I’m so excited! I don’t really have anything special planned as of now but am probably just going to keep is simple and just hang out with my best friend and family. It’s so sweet though because even though I’m two weeks away, I got the cutest package ever from one of my best friends from Germany and then got surprised by another one of my best friends who lives in a completely different city and came to visit me. I feel so so blessed hahah ❤

early bday.jpg

This might’ve been the most boring post ever, but I hope you somehow enjoyed it anyway 😂  Enjoy the rest of your day/night!


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