Instagram Muses


Scrolling on Instagram is seriously just like getting new inspiration everyday, here are SOME of my favorite Instagram accounts and some pictures that inspired me, Enjoy!!


I just absolutely love her style and the way she edits her pictures, she’s also super gorgeous and is such a badass



Now this isn’t really a personal Instagram account but this artists surrealist creations just give me SO much inspiration for my own artwork. I love how all of it is so simple yet so creative and unique. I actually was only introduced to this account a few days ago by one of my friends and I’m already obsessed.



I was actually introduced to Michaela through Jon Olsson’s vlogs and have been obsessed with her pictures since. She does a lot of film photography and I love the effect that has on her shots, I also follow her blog which is equally (if not more) amazing



I found Camille through The Messy Heads blog (one of my favorites) and have been following her for quite some time now, I just think she’s such a badass and love how retro and cool her pictures are. It’s also super cool that we’re around the same age haha



I freaking love her. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous but also has such nice pictures. The best part of this account, however are the captions, sometimes they’re just super cute and funny and sometimes they’re about super thought-evoking/discussion-starting topics. She just has such a cool, liberal and intellectual outlook on things and I live for it.



This account just makes me want summer 24/7. It’s also not a personal Instagram and is actually to promote a tanning oil but is just filled with beach-y pictures of different girls and I love it. It makes me love my body somehow hahahah



She’s just so stunning and I love her style. Hahaha to be honest, I only started following her after I cut my hair short as kind of a reminder that short hair can be pulled off, since then, though, I’ve just been really loving her outfits and pictures.



Another art account that gives me inspiration for my own projects. This instagram is also filled with weird, surrealist and creative pieces of artwork and I love it. So up my ally



If you know me you know how much I love Emily Ratajkowski. She’s basically my muse in general so that’s the main reason why included her account in here, buuut I also love how she uses her platform as a place to promote body positivity and the other things she stands for. She is also hands down the hottest human in the universe. Enough said.



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