Fukuoka Diary 5: Atago Adventures


January 28th

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes this morning was the clear blue sky. I was instantly in a better mood… that and of course the fact that I’d be spending my weekend doing something other than school work. On this day, Jo and I decided to explore Fukuoka a little more and go to places we hadn’t been before.

When we do go out, it’s usually on the complete other side of the city so it was so nice to see the other end for a change. We went up Atago Hill on this day, and it was one of the best idea’s we’ve ever had. It was SUCH a clear and warm day, for January (Jo was just in a T-shirt). We discovered so many new places, and saw SO many cute cats hehe.

We obviously also couldn’t miss out on a photo opportunity, so we had such a great time just goofing around and trying not to fall off that little railing we’re sitting on in some of the pictures (could have died but #diditfortheshot).

Go out and explore your city. YOU WON’T REGRET IT!





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