Fukuoka Diary 4: Shrines and City Life


December 19th 

Woke up, made my self a smoothie, showered and got ready to Ed Sheeran. Literally could not wait to get out of the house and meet up with my best friend after 4 days of being trapped at home. A few minutes past 10, Jo came over to drop her things for the night and we left the house. Camera’s at hand, arm in arm, we made our way downtown. With the intention of Christmas shopping we spent (literally) 9 hours in the city wandering around, thrifting, eating, sitting in the park and visiting a local shrine.

Japan is an interesting place – it’s packed with culture and traditions and so full with modern technology and skylines at the same time and literally side by side. It took some time to grow on me, but here I am, 4 years into living here and I’m in love. The fact that everything works, the eccentric styles, and the fact that everyone is so hardworking and is genuinely interested in helping you if you need it. Being lost in translation is part of the adventure here… so is getting lost and never quite being able to find your way. You learn to love it. Here’s our day in pictures 🙂


Jo’s blog here: Joela Dercon


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