Christmas with the Barth’s

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Perk of being Eurasian: Celebrating the traditional holidays from both of your cultures. #mixedkidlife

Eid in the summer and Christmas in the winter, and I am DEFINITELY not complaining. I spent Christmas this year with my family in Germany and it was (as usual), filled with presents, good food, family, champaign, smiles, and good conversation. You can read last year’s post here.

So traditionally, I don’t actually really celebrate Christmas. When I’m here, in Heidelberg, however, I go all out. I can confidently say that this year I was part of the Christmas hype and first hand witnessed the stress of Christmas shopping (or in my case creating), decorating the Christmas tree, baking Christmas cookies, and even singing Christmas carols… even though we sounded awful.

The morning of the 24th is spent doing last minute shopping if need be (shops are open until 1) and getting ready for the evening. This is where the real celebration comes in. At around 5 pm, everyone is asked to leave the living room and then, according to the story, Baby Jesus comes in and puts the presents under the tree (that’s what they tell the kids ;)). Then, a little bell rings and everyone walks in the room, this is when the Christmas songs are sung and the ‘Christmas Story’ is read out. When this is done, Champaign is poured, a ‘Christmas toast’ is made and everyone says cheers and takes a sip out of their glass of bubbly. And then finally… *drum roll please*, it’s time to open the presents! The kids are always allowed to begin, but since my little brother is the only really young one, my cousins and I (who are most likely too old to still be considered kids) join him in rampaging under the tree for packages that could have our names written on them. (I’ll show what I got in another post)

After some time, we’re called down for Dinner. In my family, we have Raclette every year. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically melted cheese which you eat with meat, and bread/potatoes. Please do yourself a favor and google yourself a picture, it’s heaven on a plate.

From then on the night is pretty standard quality time with family. This year we played a couple of card/board games and just talked at the dinner table while eating dessert.

I’m honestly so grateful that I got to spend Christmas with my family this year, I don’t really get the chance to see them much so it’s always nice catching up and spending time with them. ❤




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