9 Reasons to Thrift


Hey! Before I get started with this post I just want to say that yes, I’ve sucked the past month and have been so bad at posting, I’ve just had some type of creative block and was LITERALLY swamped with assignments had didn’t even have time to sleep. Buuut it’s winter break now so that’s no longer an excuse. I’m also in Germany for Christmas at the moment so I’ll be posting lot’s of pictures from here too 🙂

Now back to the point… I love thrift shopping and you should too! There’s honestly countless benefits from it. Here are 9 reasons why YOU should thrift more. Enjoy!

You’ll get pieces no one else has! (ain’t no H&M, Forever 21 crap). Personally, I hate it when people can recognize where my clothes are from. Avoid the “omg I saw that sweater at H&M yesterday” or “omg me, my cousin, my aunt, and grandma have that shirt too!” (slight exaggeration HAHA)

Bringing life to old clothes. Why let them go to waste? Vintage is cool.

Designer and high quality clothes for MUCH cheaper. This is a huge one, just this past weekend I got this huge Tommy Hilfiger sweater for probably a fraction of the price it was originally. Thrift stores are filled with brands like Adidas, Juicy Couture, Ralph Lauren (and more) and often, their old stuff is so much cuter than the new 😉

Save loads of money, even if you’re not getting designer stuff, Thrifting is great if you’re on a budget. The stuff is usually MUCH cheaper than the original price

You can really develop your personal style. There is some really crazy stuff in vintage stores, and A LOT of variety. Go crazy, explore, try new things

You get the satisfaction of telling people that what you’re wearing is vintage… Always satisfying to me hahah

Not contributing to sweatshop industries. Another HUGE one, the industry producing clothes for big chain stores like H&M, Forever 21, Zara etc is pretty disgusting and exploits thousands of workers in developing countries. At least by thrifting, you’re not contributing to it first hand

Recycling things like leather and fur. Another disgusting industry. How I see it, if you have to wear animal skin, you might as well purchase it second hand and not let these materials go to waste.

It’s really fun. Thrifting can take quite a while and is genuinely tiring so it’s nice to go with friends and try on crazy glasses and coats and help each other pick things etc.


Jo’s blog here: Joela Dercon


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