SEOMUN Experience 2016


Currently: lying on my sofa dying of the flu. I blame having to leave Korea so soon.

On the 23rd of November the MUN ‘family’ met at the Fukuoka airport at 9 am, we were literally buzzing with excitement and couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we were going to have, hoping we’d get partnered with good roomies, and talking about how cold it would be in comparison to the 12 degrees we consider freezing here in Fukuoka.

Our flight left at around 11 and so after some gross airplane food (which I didn’t eat), reading my English LIT book, and somewhat going over my debate notes we landed in Incheon airport with our excitement almost doubled. Anyway, after a relatively long bus ride we got to our hotel and ran to our newly assigned rooms  (I was blessed with the greatest roommates ever), crashed on to the white-sheeted beds and got changed for our first ‘adventure’ in Seoul haha

We spent our first night in Hongdae, where we had Korean style ribs with melted cheese (which I couldn’t eat) got kind of lost and did some shopping, it was a pretty late night which consisted of us actually preparing for the conference the day after, pigging on Korean snacks, and testing our newly bought Korean cosmetics.

It was a really early start for the conference the next day, but was totally worth it because I met so many new friends and amazing people, we were actually just lobbying (writing the resolution we’d be debating on) on the first day so it wasn’t too hectic and was extremely chill compared to the next two days.

That night we went into this city area nearer to the place we were staying at, which was about an hour away from Seoul itself. A group of my friends and I probably ate the most unhealthy meal possible which consisted of every single version of Korean fried chicken and fries. It was bomb.

When we got back to the hotel it was pretty much the same as the night before, we prepared for the debates, ate more junk food and literally cuddled hahahaha. I was actually really unproductive that night and had to wake up at 5 to write my speech for the conference that day… Either way I think I still did a really good job on it aaaand had enough time to put together a, Blair Waldorf-inspired, business-chic MUN outfit for the conference that day haha.

Like the day before, the conference was incredible, we actually debated that day so I got a lot more speaking opportunity and really got to debate to my full potential. I absolutely loved it. Lunch on both days was in this food court/all-you-can-eat Korean buffet place… I definitely didn’t complain haha.

That night was our last one in Korea and it was SO sad. None of us even wanted to think about the fact that we were leaving the next day so we just decided to make the best out of the situation and create lasting memories. We ended up going to this huge ‘mall’ where we had dinner and did some last minute shopping of souvenirs for our families, and of course, Korean snacks and cosmetics since everything is so incredibly cheap and high quality there. We actually also managed to get a proper breakfast on this night because I LITERALLY COULD NOT TAKE ANOTHER CONVENIENT STORE BREAKFAST. Legit never been happier to see an actual bakery hahahahah

That night was again, the same as the previous ones, but we were all so exhausted that we just crashed and slept until the next morning (Kiri didn’t even change out of her clothes from that day). Our room was an actual pig sty, and it stayed like that until literally 30 minutes before we had to leave the hotel because we were lazy slugs that overslept on the last day of the conference/the day we were going back to Japan. In the end, we managed to get our bags packed up somewhat flawlessly, put on our conference outfits, did our hair and managed to make it down in time!

The last day of the conference was as incredible as expected. I left with so many snapchat and facebook friends.

Leaving for the airport in the middle of the closing ceremony was really hard, I just really didn’t feel ready to leave and seriously wish we had more time. Thinking about it seriously makes me so sad because I genuinely really miss some of the people I met at this years SEOMUN conference, some of which I know I’ll probably never see again. It’s actually a bit heartbreaking lol.

In conclusion, SEOMUN 2016 was a highlight of this school year. I made so many memories and friends that I’ll never forget. Until next year Seoul, you were good.




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