Fukuoka Diary 2 : Fall


I love the fall. The past few weeks have seriously been so beautiful in Fukuoka even though the temperature has dropped like crazy and it’s become impossible for me to leave bed every morning. Last week especially, the leaves were all in different colors and the sun was shining almost every day. Obviously I had to take some pictures so here they are hahaha.

November 5th

The night before, these pictures were taken, Jo and I went into the city for dinner and did some shopping then came home and just chilled… It was a pretty late night but as usual it was a great time filled with jamming to each others soundclouds and partying in our underwear. The next morning we lugged ourselves out of bed, made breakfast and ate it while watching ‘Bridget Jones Baby’ (so good btw) then head outside to the park.



November 12th 

So in all honesty, I don’t really like being at home, I just feel completely mind blocked and unmotivated and just end up getting nothing done (unless I’m alone or on my balcony haha). I’ve really been neglecting going outside and just spending time with my self recently as well, it seriously seems like I’m always studying or am in front of the computer 24/7. So, on this particular Saturday, I literally rolled out of bed and went for a little morning walk to take some pictures of the leaves and to journal.

This is kind of cheesy but it actually made me feel so at peace and calm hahaha. I feel like we really take our surroundings for granted sometimes and don’t realize how beautiful they actually are. Going out in the morning really makes me feel so blessed and clears my head like nothing else. I seriously reccomend doing this.

I started off just taking pictures of the gorgeous trees that are all down my street then walked through for about 20 minutes around my area until I found this cute little ‘hiding spot’ where I sat on a rock and wrote down my thoughts and described my surroundings

Here are some of the shots I got



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