Lone Pine Hotel, Penang


Two whole days on the beach and by the pool were exactly what I needed. I went back to Malaysia for fall break this year, as always, it was so good to be home and see all my family and especially my cousins who are all growing up so fast *wipes away tear*.

This time we decided to take a little three day trip to Penang (which is also where my grandma lives) and spent two nights at the Lone Pine Hotel. It was SUCH a nice place to be and made me realize how much I actually miss Malaysia, sometimes I really wish I lived there haha.

On the day we arrived after the one hour flight from KL, we drove to the hotel, checked into our rooms (which were so nice) and then pretty much just head straight to the pool and had lunch. We also went banana boating and did some other water sports. Right after that I just went back to the room and did some school work while everyone else went for a sunset walk. Gotta love IB. That night, however, we all went out to Ferringhi walk which is one of the most touristy things to do in Penang but since we had visitors we thought we’d just show them around hehe. I’ve actually been going there since I was little so it was nothing new to me but I still love the whole ‘beach town’ vibe there and the food is pretty great. I ordered satay and the usual milo ice hahah. We also got henna done and did some shopping. When we got back to the hotel my mom and some of our friends ordered drinks and just stayed out talking until past midnight.

The next day was extremely chill. I only got up at around 11, had breakfast and then legit spent the rest of the day by the pool, in and out of the water. A lot of it was spent on a lounge chair reading my book and finally getting my tan back (amen), at around 4 I migrated to the beach and took some pictures only to lose track of time and have to sprint back to the hotel to get ready (in 2 minutes) to go to my grandma’s house for dinner. As usual she prepared a FEAST of all of our favorite food including Laksa, which I had been craving ever since I last had it. The night ended similar to the night before because me and my friend, Evelyn stayed out by the pool until 3 am talking about boys and laughing at memes hahaha.

Our flight home was the morning after. It was so sad to leave.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took on my little getaway…


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