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Whats in a room? If you still live with your parents (like I do) then your room is the one place YOU have complete control over. It’s where you escape the clatter of the kitchen, sound of the TV and the voices of other people. It’s where you go to chill, unwind, dance around naked and essentially sleep. My point is that it’s yours to do whatever you want in/with it. Might as well make the very best out of it.

I can’t emphasize enough how important the space you surround yourself with is. Everyone needs a place to go that makes them feel calm and at ease. That place could be different for everyone but in my opinion, if you could wake up in a place that makes you feel like this then you’ve won. That’s what my room is to me.

I LOVE my room, it’s tiny, yes, but it’s the definition of me in a space. I’d describe it as very eclectic, cozy and unique. It’s pretty cluttered but that’s the beauty of it in my opinion hahah.

My favorite part without a doubt is my balcony though. If you know me even a little you know I LIVE out there. Sometimes I even bring my mattress out and sleep there. I also just got a table for it which is low-key the best thing I’ve ever done..

Here are some shots of my space. I hope this inspires you to make the best out of yours. Enjoy!


Bed + Clothing Rack

(pretty much where all of my mess accumulates)

Horoscope tapestry: (unknown) but I got it in this little store in India around two years ago

Dream catchers: both presents from my mom and both vintage (I think)

Bed & clothing rack: IKEA

Pillows: miscellaneous

Prayer flags: Nepal deco-space


Tray: Muji

Photo hang-y thing: 100 yen shop

Dream catcher: Bali

Luleå city frame: Luleå… hahahaoutside-space

Balcony (fav)

Table + chair: IKEA

Faux fur throw: IKEAshoes-mems

Memory ‘bag’ + Shoe Rack 

top-of-deskWall (on top of desk) 

Poster of woman: Nars

B&W Calendar: Thalia

Hat: Forever 21

Skull canvas: Typo

wall-spaceMore collectives/my ‘gallery’ of random art 

Photos: Vintage + some of my own + one or two from tumblr

Art: done by me over a span of many years (minus the portrait done by by friend, Saku)


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