The Pictures I took while I was lost in Osaka

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I spent last weekend in Osaka, mostly to renew my German passport but also just to spend a day chilling in the city. It was a new place for me and is quite a bit bigger than Fukuoka… that plus my poor orientation skills aren’t really a good combination, so I was lost like 90% of the time I was alone hahah… Thankfully I got to meet up with friends who knew what they were doing for most of the day. I had such a good time and definitely want to go back soon.

It was actually a pretty crazy trip cause even though it was so short it was so eventful. I feel like I saw so much of the city in just one day. I got on the train in Fukuoka at 6 am and got to Osaka at around 9 am and since we didn’t have the hotel room yet… I was practically on my own from then. I basically wandered (mostly lost) around what I only later found out was the city center and went to Starbucks then met up with a friend at 1. The day pretty much carried on from there with a bomb ass lunch and more wandering around Namba. I ended up going to Umeda for dinner with a different friend then only came home at like 11. SUCH a tiring day, but totally worth it. Here are the pictures I took while I was lost in Osaka plus a few others hahah



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