Italy 4: Rome


As I said in my previous posts, we spent a day in Rome while staying in Florence since it was just an hour away by train. So we got up reallllyyy early, ate breakfast, then got onto the train that would take us to the capital.

Without any exaggeration I can honestly say that I want to live in Rome. The people, the scenery, the city itself, and just the entire atmosphere was so beautiful and just felt perfect.

First we went to see all of the touristy sites like the Colosseum and the Vatican, that you kinda have to see if you’re in Rome. Even though I’m not much of a ‘guided tour’ type of person, our tour of the Colosseum was actually really interesting and of course seeing the interior of the ruins was really cool as well. It was way too crowded though. 90% tourists too, on top of it being 35 degrees in the sun, so that got a little unpleasant after some time. We didn’t actually end up going into Saint Peters Basilica in the Vatican, again because of the crowd, but seeing the whole thing together from the outside was also pretty amazing.


After all of the actual ‘sight-seeing’ we had lunch and went into the city… which was my favorite part haha. The view from the city from on top of the Spanish steps was SO NICE (as you’ll see in the pictures) but exploring the city itself was also incredible, and is 100% what sold me into wanting to move there lol. On top of amazing shopping there are tons of cute cafes, restaurants and gelaterias. Also, the Brandy Melville in Rome is the biggest one I had ever been to (even bigger than in NYC) and had so much more variety which actually really surprised me, so, if you’re planning on going shopping in Rome, I would definitely reccomend that.

On a less exciting note it was really unbearably hot on this day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually verrrry good at tolerating heat and love summer but I could actually feel the sweat dripping down my back, and I almost never sweat (tmi sorry). But I mean all of that is pretty expected to happen mid-july if you’re walking around outside all day.


We took the train back to Florence at around 7 pm that evening, completely exhausted.


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