Italy 3: Florence


Okay so I finally fixed most of the problems I was having with my blog and computer and am actually feeling pretty good!… Even though today was my first day of school and I’m already procrastinating. Anyway, here’s my long overdue post from Florence.

Florence was another absolutely amazing city. It actually reminded me a lot of Heidelberg so it felt very home-y hahah. We stayed in Florence for three nights which is actually the longest we spent in one city on that trip. On the first day we walked up this hill to see the whole view of the city, got ice cream and visited all of the other touristy sites like the Duomo, statues, and so on.



It was really nice being in Florence because there wasn’t actually that much to do.. That sounds kinda bad but it was actually so nice to just chill in the city and have some time to do my own thing, so the second day consisted of exactly that. Nothing beats drinking a bomb ass cappuccino in a cute roadside cafe, or exploring the classic side streets in a city you’ve never been to. Here are some shots I got. (no I didn’t take the ones of myself HAHAH)


On one of our ‘Florence days’ we also took the train out to Rome and spent the day there. Equally as amazing but so bloody hot.

Until next time


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