Italy 1: Bolzano & Lido


Okay so here’s the first part of my road trip through Italy. We started off in Heidelberg and drove through the Austrian alps into a little town right at the border of Italy called Bolzano, it was a really little and cute mountain town which we kind of just used as a stop over to break our journey after the 8 hours we did on our first day. It was beautiful nonetheless though. We also had lunch in Austria right by the mountains and this really beautiful lake.


I didn’t see much of Bolzano, but the little I did see of it was beautiful. After dinner we just went back to the hotel and crashed.

The next morning after breakfast we hit the road and head to Lido, Island Venice, it’s a little beach town very different to the main and famous parts of Venice, which we had to take the ‘water bus’ to get to. Lido is definitely at the top of my list of favourite places I visited this summer. The pictures pretty much show you why.

My time in Lido basically consisted of sunbathing, exploring the city on a rental bike, lots and lots of ice cream, reading the Great Gatsby, and of course a lot of trips to the other islands of Venice (photo’s in another post)


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