New York 5: The Highline and Moonlight Diner


On our last full day in the City my dad and I went to the Highline and it was freaking amazing. The morning light on top of the classic houses, street and wall art, joggers, and just the uniqueness and authenticity of the park in general was just perfect. We rewarded ourselves with a classic american breakfast in the most stereotypical diner ever afterward. It was seriously like reenacting pulp fiction or any Woody Allen movie haha.

For those of you who don’t know, the Highline is a railway track that was turned into a park. You get a great view of the city and get to see a more quiet and chill part of Manhattan. It seriously is a must see. It’s places like these that seriously make me contemplate living in NYC in the future.

After our pretty intense walk we were in DESPERATE need for coffee and breakfast, so on our way back we came across this quaint and classic diner that we couldn’t resist. I’ve pretty much already expressed the rest earlier so here’s a picture of the bomb food we ate.


Also, just to put in perspective how much I eat: I ordered a large bagel with cream cheese, pancakes with butter and syrup, ate most of my dad’s hash browns and was verrry close to ordering a side of turkey bacon… That, and two cups of coffee. My food baby was poppin’ (literally)

As for the stuff I didn’t blog…

The rest of the day was pretty much dedicated to shopping; I fought the urge to spend ALL of my money in Urban Outfitters and also went wild in Victoria’s Secret, we also went for another play on Broadway that night. Matilda this time, it was so cute and so well put together, it was also entertaining enough for me to not fall asleep!! haha

The next day I met up with a friend from Japan then went to American Apparel and got a Chipotle burrito to go (totally worth the hype btw it was incredible) then packed up my stuff and head to JFK for my flight back to Frankfurt

And that’s actually all from my New York Trip! I had such a great time and can totally recommend all of the places I blogged about. I’m also so glad I finally got to visit the city I’ve wanted to go to since I was literally a fetus. Next stop, Italy!


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