New York 4: Art Galleries, Ripleys and Broadway


For this day’s morning walk I dragged my dad back to Soho where we planned the rest of our day over bagels and ice water. We walked to Soho through this really nice park with a really nice arch (which I also forgot the name of because I suck) and saw this guy busking there by playing his saxophone shirtless. We just sat there for a while drinking our iced latte’s and listened to the jazz.

When we got back to the hotel I skyped by best friend for the first time in too long, got ready then head back out. We took a taxi to the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art where I got a lot of inspiration for IB art next year then went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) where I got more inspo and even chose my comparative study pieces (IB students will understand haha).

After we had seen the Art Museums we/I wanted to go to (minus MoMa sadly) my little brother really wanted to go to ‘Ripleys Believe it or Not’ museum and even though I kinda didn’t want to go it was actually really cool and I had such a good time hahah.


It was pretty late by the time we were done with our little ‘museum hopping’ trip so we went and grabbed some dinner at this amazing greek restaurant near Broadway where I ate some bomb-ass shish kebab. Guys, I had literally never craved more meat in my life hahahahahah (irrelevant) but yeah, after dinner we went to go watch a musical on Broadway (!!!!!), and even though I literally blacked out in sleep in the middle of the second half, it was still pretty incredible. We watched ‘Phantom of the Opera’ by the way, and it was really cool, mad respect for the actors. To be honest I’m still kind of worried that I snored really loudly while I was asleep and everyone heard lol.

I don’t have any pictures from the play because we weren’t allowed to take any.. 😦

More posts coming soon!


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