January Dates – Fukuoka Diaries


This weekend was spent with main babe #1. From Friday to Saturday so much went down and we made so many memories together, I can’t even describe how much I missed hanging out with her and getting midterms done and over with was the perfect excuse to chill with her again.

We went to our dad’s work party (yes they work together) and explored a shrine, talked about everything while sitting in my bathtub, ate brunch, and just talked and caught up for hours.

Here’s an entire weekend worth of shenanigans with Jo in a few pictures…

Friday, January 15th:

Dinner and drinks = ideal Friday night? Hell yeah.

I also learnt that you can light candles with a piece of spaghetti of you don’t have a lighter. Pro tips everyone.

Locations: Mama Mia Italian Restaurant, Momochi Beach, and some shrine I don’t know the name of 


Saturday, January 16th :

What better way to celebrate the end of a stressful week than quality time with this chica and eggs benedict and chocolate chip pancakes? Also, Eggs n Things is literally our ultimate YOLO brunch place in Fukuoka, when we go, we go hard hahaha seriously the breakfast there is 10/10.

Location: Eggs n Things, Fukuoka


We spent like an hour just chilling in the park, talking about life, taking pictures and jamming to music. Super chill.

Location: Solaria Park, Fukuoka





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