Winter Break part 4 – Princess Castles


On December 8th I saw the real life disney princess castle. Why lie, the drive up there was better than the actual thing. It was still beautiful though, like it was painted right out of a fairy tail.

Fortunately for this little outing we rented a car rather than using public transport, which was awesome because it meant space, good music, warmth, and the amazing view all to our selves. The drive took a little more than an hour and despite my tiredness I didn’t want to sleep because then I’d miss the view. It was like that scene in the 2007 Simpsons movie when the Simpsons are in the car moving to Alaska and Homer thinks that his poster is stuck to the window when they get there because the view is so nice… I bet no one got that reference but whatever hahah.

The castle itself was filled with people and the lines to get tickets and such would have been hour long waits. Once we did get up, however, it was still extremely filled with tourists but beautiful non the less. The story behind the castle is also really interesting but I’ll just let you google that one lol.


It seriously looked like a picture in a book and it brought all of the 5 year old girl feels back. Glad I got to see probably the most iconic German castle in the world. 🙂

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