Christmas Break Part 3 – Walks along the Alps


Yesterday at 10 am we left Heidelberg and started our journey to the Alps. Three trains, four hours, one bottle of lemon flavoured green tea, and two chapters of a biology textbook later we got to probably the most beautiful and quaint little town ever; Garmisch. Right in front of the snow capped mountains and under the blue skies it felt like I had fallen asleep and entered a dream. I love it here.

Our train route yesterday was from Heidelberg to Stuttgart, Stuttgart to Munich, then Munich to Garmisch. The first two train rides were pretty, but then the third, from Munich to the little Alp town was absolutely breath taking. The weather was seriously on our side and so was the universe hahah. The glittering lakes, the sun low in the sky, the fields shining golden from the sun and of course, the mountains. With my english assigned reading book at hand and faux ray bans on my eyes I seriously felt so at peace and in love with the world. (I’m getting really cheesy… soz).

IMG_4302 (1).jpg

IMG_4275 (1)IMG_4289 (1)

Because it gets dark at like 4 pm it kinda shortens the time to actually do things in the day. So, when we got to the hotel, we chilled for a little while then, my dad, brother and I decided to go for a little walk, the sun was going down and the sky was purple, we ate cheese and onion crepes and explored the little town that would be our home for the next four nights. We then went for dinner at around 7 pm.

The day after (today) I got up at 8:30 am, went down for breakfast with the family at 9, then went for an actually really intense hike with my brother and dad. It seriously felt like a workout. We walked through this gorge with waterfalls and icicles that was beautiful… but that I didn’t take any pictures of because my hands were too cold to take out of my pockets (sorry for being so lame hahaha). After we left the gorge, however, we got to this field/hill kind of thing outlooking the alps, it was pretty much uphill the whole time so I was panting like a dog and repeating the mantra ‘think of the calves, quads, and butt’ hahaha – I didn’t really mind though because I was enjoying the view so much.

After a little less than hour of walking we came across a restaurant where we decided to have lunch, we sat outside on a table overlooking the mountains and under the sun, where I ordered a salad and a plate of fries. Ahh I swear I could live like this every day.

IMG_4387 (1)IMG_4396 (1)

After lunch the walk/workout continued, but the scenery only got better. This time the route we took was even steeper uphill and I was actually sweating a little. When we did reach the top of this hill (a little more than an hour later), there was another restaurant/chill spot with arm chairs that we lounged in until we got kicked out for not paying the 5 euro rental fee FOR A CHAIR hahaha #cheap. It was really relaxing though and (surprise surprise) the view was freaking amazing.

IMG_4437 (1)IMG_4445 (1)

Close to our little break-spot was the lift that would take us back down the mountain. This might have been my favourite part because it was seriously so calming to just sit and be while literally being carried midair over hills, mountains and trees. Also, I was alone in the lift, so there was absolutely no background noise other than the sound of my camera clicking and my breathing.

After that amazing adventure we went back to the hotel where I attempted to study math (and failed) because I was just that tired. Then the fam gathered again and we planned our next day (tomorrow) over hot chocolates and german bread. Its 20 past 11 now and I’m at 5% battery, I still have an MUN essay to work on and still need to shower. Ugh. Anyway… Let’s hope tomorrow turns out just as amazing as today. 🙂

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