Christmas Break part 2 – Reunions


Seeing one of my best friends in the entire universe was also a major highlight of my holiday season. I honestly wouldn’t have survived my one year stay here without her, actually, even more so, she made it absolutely freaking amazing. The two nights I spent at her beautiful house couldn’t have been better. It felt like home.

Between the long drives jamming to Kanye and Nicki, going to the sauna, going to shisha bars (shhh), and learning to drive her car at midnight in the forrest, the nostalgia would kick in and it was just like old times; laughing hysterically at the littlest things, catching each other up on the happenings since the last time we saw each other and countlessly just looking at each other, smiling then squealing “oh my gooddddddd I can’t believvveeee we’re together again!!!!!!!”. I seriously missed this girl way too much. Josy, I love you.


She picked me up in her jeep in front of the school I used to go to, we ran into each others arms almost screaming in excitement, got into the car and talked about absolutely everything nonstop because we hadn’t seen each other in over a year, I feel like crying just writing this because I miss her already.

When we did get home (to her house) I greeted her absolutely awesome parents, and dogs hahah, we ate a dinner of potatoes and beef wrap things that tasted freaking divine then drove to the sauna. This was definitely a highlight of my holiday, from seeing more naked people (of both genders) than expected, swimming naked, and sweating profusely in the sauna. We had such an amazing and relaxing time. I don’t really have any pictures from the Sauna because that content is a bit too graphic hahaha. But ice cream was seriously what we needed after all of that heat (from the sauna not the naked people lol)


The next day was a busy one, we decided to take advantage of Josy’s newly received driving licence and car and drove to Frankfurt to go to the city there and to have lunch with Josy’s grandparents. This was also super fun. We partied in the car to her very well compiled playlists, got a bit lost, again, ate such good food cooked by her cute family and explored Frankfurt. I had also never been to this city (apart from the airport) so I have her to thank for taking me to a brand new place.

IMG_4055IMG_4063After we got home, we chilled for a little while, I got attacked and bitten in the face by her dog (my fault hahah), we ate a dinner prepared by another one of my favourites, Josy’s sister, who soo sweetly made my favourite potato salad. Then decided to check out this shisha place that was somewhat nearby to her house. It seemed a little sketchy but was still ultra chill and really really fun.

12415918_929237213811474_685392183_oIMG_4074.JPGBy this time it was around midnight, so we decided that it was a good time for me to have a driving lesson in the forrest, because that’s just what you do at midnight right? I’m actually really proud of my self for not freaking out and killing someone… I was actually pretty good…. I think hahah. The vibe was amazing though; good music, nature, and the coolest chick in town.koBlRgHrThe trip back to Heidelberg was sad and we were both tired but it was still all good because we still have unapproved plans for New Years together ;). Overall I had the time of my life. It’s good to be home.


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