Summer pt 4 – Bali: Oceanside


Bali. A little island off of Indonesia where tourists from absolutely everywhere come to enjoy the white sandy beaches and crystal blue oceans, the chill vibe, the friendly people, the good food, the constant good weather, the lush green scenery, the roadside shopping, and basically everything else that makes up a paradise. Over the past couple of days I’ve been journalling my experience every day. Here it is.

August 8th: Basically consisted of sleeping on airport floors and sitting around doing close to nothing for 6 hours. Our flight; KL – Bali was majorly delayed (by 6 hours) due to some volcanic ash eruption thing in Bali. It sucked because it meant that we’d have to miss almost an entire day in paradise, but hey, C’est la vie. There wasn’t anything I could do about it.


When we got to Denpasar Airport in Bali, it was 9 something PM and so we got a taxi, drove to our hotel, checked in then went across the road and had some dinner while we brainstormed ideas of what we’d do tomorrow and then went to bed at around 11. Nothing fancy.

August 9th: Definitely a more exiting day. We woke up/schlepped ourselves out of bed at 7:30, got breakfast at 8, went for a super quick walk to Legian Beach, then at 10 got onto a shuttle bus and drove for around 40 minutes by the sea and through the palm tree’s to Nusadua beach for water sports and snorkeling. After bargaining for reasonable prices for such a long time we got on a glass bottomed boat and admired the fish and clear blue water swimming under us.

Once we got to the spot where we could snorkel, we snorkeled… hahah. I was a little dissapointed with what I saw because most of the corals were dead and it was a bit grey, I had kinda envisioned a finding-nemo-esque ocean but then I realized that, that is quite a lot to ask lol.  The corals may have not been too colorful but the life living amongst them were. There were some really pretty and colorful fish that kept swimming up to me and biting my feet and the bread our boat guy gave to us to feed them.

The ocean seriously makes me so calm and relaxed, I feel so at home and at peace diving off a boat into the ocean and feeling the cool and refreshing tropical sea on my skin and body. I miss it already.

Once I was tired out from trying to swim against the surprisingly strong current and waves, I climbed onto the boat, wrapped my sarong around my body and over my head, sat down, and listened to the waves crashing against the side of the boat. By the time the boat took off again I was in a state of serious meditation (or I had fallen asleep) and only snapped out of it when we reached ‘Turtle Island’ we got to touch the huge 100 year old turtles and see the tiny little babies swimming around. They were seriously so cute and I wanted to take them all home and keep them forever. On that same island they also had snakes, monkeys, bats, and birds, that we also got to touch and interact with. After we had done that we had a fresh Balinese seafood lunch and drank cokes by the beach.

We got back to the main island a couple of hours later and did water sports, I was fully clothed by this time and so I got completely soaked. It also left my hair super messy and salty, just the way I like it ;).

For a more chill evening we went back to Legian beach and chilled there for the rest of the day. The sun had already started to go down so it wasn’t too hot and there was a breeze. The beach was super crowded but it was nice because there was so much color and life, some people had music playing, some lay in relaxation, some played ball by the sunset and ugh it was just so chill, the vibe was great.

Everything was so nice until I got friggin stranded in the ocean not even fully sure how it happened because the last thing I remembered was swimming and playing in the waves, little did I know that the current was pulling me super far in. Next thing I knew I was super far away from the shore and was the only one swimming, the waves were also getting bigger and I was in ‘the surfing zone’. I was in the ocean and I was feeling fine, just a little mind blown that I had been swimming forward but moving further back. Every time I’d look up I’d be further away than I was last time I did so I’d be like ‘dafuq’ and start to worry every time. Just then as things were getting worse some really nice guy on a surf board with a nice long beard and a paddington hat on came up and asked me if I needed any help getting back so, embarrassed, I told him yes and tried to get onto his board falling off tipping the board over (with him on it) like 3 times *cringes at self* when I finally did get on I lasted for like 30 seconds repeatedly thanking him and saying how I embarrassed I was the whole — until a (not even that big) wave came and I got thrown off the board and flipped over only to turn around to see that my ‘hero’ was still on the board holding out his hand asking me if I was okay, so, being me, I unatractively spat out the salty water I had gotten into my mouth (and everywhere else) back into the ocean and said I was fine. I tried to get back onto the board but tipped it over with him on yet again, luckily he laughed *cringes at self even more*. Then just when I needed savior the most; two lifeguards on big yellow surfboards holding big yellow floaties came to my rescue from stuck way away from shore. I was seriously so embarrased getting out of the ocean with the life guards seriously praying that people didn’t see (they all did of course).

So after all of the trying-to-swim-against-the-current-and-not-even-moving my legs felt like jelly and I was completely out of breath and super pooped and all I wanted to do was shower and go to sleep.


Ugly af lolol


They call him Mario Goetze


It smudged after 5 minutes




IMG_1797 IMG_1799 IMG_1837 IMG_1838 IMG_1848 IMG_1864 IMG_1880 IMG_1887 IMG_1891 IMG_1924 IMG_1931 IMG_1943 IMG_1953 IMG_1960

August 12th: Between the 10th and the 12th we were in Ubud, the more inland part of Bali where in place of beaches and the ocean, theres lot’s of rice fields and jungle. I’m gonna put that section of the trip into a separate post because otherwise this would be super long and boring to read… also I’m a bit lazy right now haha.

So, on August 12th we had breakfast in our hotel in Ubud, packed up our stuff and got into a cab back to the beach (we were going to be spending our last night in Bali; back in Legian). On the way there, however, we decided to do a little roadtrip to see some more of the island so we had a schedule and itinerary planned to go to Canggu, and Seminyak but our taxi driver convinced us that he had a better plan that wouldn’t have as much traffic through Uluwatu and in place of the beach at Canggu, Padang Padang beach, so kind of reluctantly we agreed and head off.

The Uluwatu temple was seriously breath taking, it was on a cliff over looking the beautiful blue ocean. I was actually speechless and dumbfounded by the scenery. It’s a Bali must-see. At this temple there were also a lot of monkeys and everyone kept warning us to take care of our hats and sunglasses. I was actually debating on whether or not to bring my camera but thank god I did. The monkeys did make me a little nervous when they came super close but they were really cute so I shook it off and chilled out, and lucky enough they didn’t cause any problems.

After we had seen that, we walked back to the car and drove to Padang Padang beach. I had some doubts about this place at first because it wasn’t in our original plan but oh. my. god. It was the most chill place ever, the entrance to the beach is down a verrry narrow staircase in what looks like a cave, and it was quite a small beach and yeah it was quite crowded but the ocean was clear and people lay on colorful sarongs and towels in colorful bikinis and board shorts all over the beach, people tanned, surfed, swam, and just chilled in every way possible. That place seriously had me feeling some kind of way, I was so happy and I couldn’t even control my laughter or permanent awkward grin, what made it even better was that every one else looked so happy too. So while I was there I swam and lay in the salty water and then went out and laid more in the hot sun getting a serious tan and filling up like 4 journal pages with doodles and happy thoughts.

After some hours we got back into what had turned from regular taxi to ultimate sandy and salty beach mobile. We were seriously starving and didn’t have enough cash to go to a restaurant so we bought corn on the side of the road and hopped into the car wet, sandy, and beach haired. So we drove onward back to Legian through the pink, purple and orange sunset with my Spring and Summer playlist playing, where our final night would be spent. When we got there we checked back into our hotel, showered, changed, and head back out for dinner and more roadside shopping. More great energy from the lovely Balinese.

It had been a really long day of lots of walking and swimming and we were completely flabbergasted so we got into bed and fell asleep instantly and slept until around nine the next morning.


Corn & Beach Mobile

IMG_2359 IMG_2366 IMG_2374 IMG_2384 IMG_2393IMG_2392 IMG_2397 IMG_2400 IMG_2419

August 13th: We arose at 9-ish the next morning and decided we wanted to have a really chill last day so we just had a nice breakfast, ate ice cream by the pool, and tanned and swam in Bali one last time. When it was time to leave we got into our taxi with sad faces and got on to our flight back to KL with even sadder ones. 😦


(not mine)


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