August Inspo


August already?? July flew by so fast blah blah same old story every month coming from absolutely everybody… seriously though hahaha time has been screwing with my mind recently because August means the end of summer and the end of summer means school. YAY. Actually I still have a bit less than a month until the start of a new school and in that ‘less-than-month’ I’m going to Bali woop woop.

*note to self and everyone else in the same position* Savor every single day of August and appreciate every last remain of Summer vacation and the freedommmmmmmm! … Live in the moment though… don’t spend the month dreading a date that is still yet to come…



  • Summer (most photo’s taken from Wildfox’s latest lookbook)
  • Breaking the rules, having fun and not having a single care or regret
  • Indulgence
  • Self-Love
  • Glowy, tan and healthy skin.

SUM15_6 SUM15_8 SUM15_11 SUM15_16 SUM15_34 SUM15_37 SUM15_51 SUM15_63 tumblr_m43sjpRdrE1qm0qkpo1_500 tumblr_m52d4dAUZY1qlwx7vo1_500 tumblr_nghgp8yKvB1r0yir1o1_500 tumblr_nkagfnSesg1qa70eyo1_500 tumblr_nqceo4bzfs1titub2o1_400

Creds to my cousin for sharing this with me — watch it.


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